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Reformation of Impact Crusher Bearing



2020-08-26 03:57:54 1134

The upper cover of the 2P1212 impact crusher body of our factory is hydraulically opened. The joint surface of the upper and lower body and the left and right flanges are easy to deform, so that the contact surface gap is too large, the dust is serious, and sometimes gravel splashes out.

The modification method changed the contact surface of the upper and lower body from single-sided contact to double-sided contact. Cut off the 55mm wide edge of the lower body, and weld a 55mm wide and 25mm thick steel plate at the corresponding position on the lower end of the upper body, pay attention to leaving The opening gap of 5mm is then welded with a thickness of 20 steel plates under the lower body, so that the upper and lower joint surfaces form a labyrinth seal. The arc flanges on the left and right sides of the body were originally fixed with 14 M5 bolts to fix the wool felt in the groove of the left flange. The right flange corresponding to the sealing effect is a smooth arc surface. After the transformation, the wool felt is glued in the groove of the left flange, and then round steel is welded on the corresponding surface of the groove of the right flange so that the left and right flanges are in contact When the round steel is completely pressed on the felt, it is better than the original sealing effect.

The bearing used in the crusher is a 3640 bearing, and the temperature control is required to not exceed 35 degrees. It is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide grease and the upper bearing cover has The oil hole is equipped with a screw cap oil cup. However, in the original design, the bearing seat has no oil outlet hole and the bearing device itself has a large oil storage capacity. Generally, when the oil is installed once, the oil cup is no longer used to refuel the bearing oil. When the temperature rise exceeds 35 degrees, disassemble the bearing cover for cleaning and oil change. Affected by factors such as large ash clearance, the bearing temperature can easily rise in a short period of time. The bearing temperature rises more than 35 degrees within ten minutes. It is not easy to control the oil temperature without a temperature measuring device. During the transformation, use the idle oil hole on the bearing cover to make a customized thermal resistance and fix it on the bearing cover. Equipped with XMZT102 digital display to set the alarm temperature, so that it can be in the operating room Intuitively monitor the bearing temperature to ensure that the crusher is in good operating condition.

After the bearing was added with a thermal resistance in the early 2000s, the monitoring was accurate, and several cases of sudden increase in bearing temperature were discovered in time. Avoided losses and produced good economic benefits.