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Repair method of hammer crusher parts



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When the hammer crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the material enters the crusher cavity evenly. The high-speed rotating hammer head impacts and tears the material and causes the material to be broken. Due to the harsh working environment, the vulnerable parts are easy Wear and tear, so master the repair method of hammer crusher parts is essential.

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a hammer head The hammer head is the main wearing part of the hammer crusher, so the wear is more serious. When repairing, when one side is worn out, it can be turned over and used. If the two sides of the hammer head are seriously worn out, a new hammer head needs to be replaced. The hammer head is in When in use, do not allow excessive wear on both sides. After replacement, use alloy surfacing or surfacing with high-strength steel electrodes to improve wear resistance.

Second, due to friction during operation, the shaft diameter at both ends of the main shaft is worn. When installing, add two bushings to the shaft diameter to protect the shaft diameter. If it is slightly worn due to poor lubrication, It can be polished with metallographic sandpaper or with fine abrasive paste to eliminate wear scars.

The hammer frame of the three-hammer frame hammer crusher has less contact with the material, but the end of the hammer frame is unavoidable. The wear part is mostly at the end of the outer circle. The repair method is to use manganese steel surfacing electrode for surfacing. The electrode should be dried before surfacing, and the surface after welding is flat. If the side hammer plate of the hammer holder The impact of the material between the side plate and the side plate of the chassis is serious, and the wear of the side hammer plate is more serious. Before replacing the side plate, a wear-resistant layer is welded on the circumferential surface of the side plate and the side close to the side plate, which can extend the service life of the side plate. .

Hammer Crusher

The geometry and size of the bearing bush due to the wear of the working surface of the four bearings change, and the matching with the journal The gap increases and the babbitt alloy layer falls off or partially melts. This causes the bearing to crack, and when the bearing temperature rises or vibration occurs, a new bearing needs to be replaced when this happens.

After long-term operation of the five-bearing bush, the geometry and size of the bearing bush will change after wear, and the clearance with the shaft diameter will change. If it is not adjusted in time, the babbitt alloy layer will fall off and the bearing temperature will increase or produce Vibration and even bearing cracks. Bearing bush wear can be repaired by scraping and adjusting the gasket method. During repair, the thickness of the gasket group can be reduced, and the head clearance can be adjusted to the specified value. The bearing bush should be scraped to restore the fit of the shaft and the bearing. br/>

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