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Sand and gravel crusher pictures and quotation, is there a combined crusher



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Sand and gravel crushers are widely used in various basic engineering constructions such as construction, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical engineering, and the market demand is great. However, due to the large number of sand and gravel crushing equipment manufacturers in the market and the variety of equipment, many users feel that they are a challenge Eyes. I want to invest in the sand and gravel crushing industry, but I dont know much about the equipment here. There are many investment users who leave a message in the Gold Mine background asking questions about the price of the gravel crusher equipment and whether there is a combined crusher. I want to seek Help to deepen your understanding of these equipment. In this article, Gold Mine recommends several gravel crushing equipment for you in response to these problems, and attaches a detailed description of the equipment and the actual pictures of the manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose the gravel equipment! br/>

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Sand stone crusher equipment types introduction and pictures

jaw crusher Rough crusher

Equipment price 21.9 million

Feed size 1500mm

Output range 12000th

The performance advantage is sand A good hand in rough stone crushing, it is mostly used to process large pieces of high hardness materials with a compressive strength of not more than 320MPa. Because of its large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, simple structure, and reliable work, it is well received by customers and is widely used Coal mining concrete mixing station, dry powder mortar, power plant, desulfurization and other sand and gravel crushing industries.

Jaw crusher

A fine crusher in impact crusher.

Equipment price 81.5 million

Feed size 1300mm

Output range 301800th

Performance advantages are mainly applicable to softness The crushing of materials is often used as a second-stage crushing equipment in the production of sand and gravel. It can handle various coarse, medium and fine materials with a side length of no more than 500mm and a compressive strength of no more than 350MPa, such as granite limestone concrete, etc. It is widely used in various ores Crushing the production of artificial sand and gravel materials such as hydraulic and chemical highways and construction industries.

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Impact sand making Good hand in machine crushing and sand making

Equipment price 61.2 million

Feeding size 55mm

Output range 12600th

Performance advantage The crusher is used to break large stones into small stones, and the sand making machine is used to make sand with smaller and finer particle size. It is suitable for the crushing of soft and hard ore materials with a hardness of not higher than 320Pa. Using the crushing principle of stone-on-stone-iron The particle shape is more beautiful and the particle size is more uniform, and it also has the effect of shaping.

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Combined crushing What are the options for the machine?

The combined crusher is also called the mobile crusher. Different from fixed crushing equipment, it is a new mobile crushing equipment that integrates feeding, crushing, sand making and screening. One equipment is equivalent to a crushing production line. It can move freely on the ore sand field, and is more convenient Flexible. There are two types of crawler type and tire type to choose from. It is a right-hand man in the production of crushed sand and has been favored by the majority of investment users in the market.

Three-level joint production, higher work efficiency

How much is the price of sand and gravel crusher

For the price of sand and gravel crushing equipment, the above has already listed several popular The price range of crushing equipment basically ranges from tens of thousands to more than 1 million. For combined crushers, it is more intelligent. One machine can be used as a production site, and it is more flexible. , The use range is wider, and the price in the market is about 303 million. Dont be scared by the price of the equipment here. In fact, how much production cost should be invested should be determined according to the different production needs of users. This is because different users are When the size of the particle size is larger, the output requires different equipment model manufacturers, etc., and the equipment price can also be different. Generally, the larger the equipment model, the higher the output, the more expensive the equipment price, and the greater the later production income ( Of course, this is also related to the management after the formal production, and cannot be determined). Only when the user chooses the appropriate equipment that can meet his own production needs, will it be the cornerstone of its sustainable development in the future.

Recommended by manufacturers of sand and gravel crushing equipment

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