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Avoid detours and reduce investment costs, see here for sand and gravel crushing equipment



2021-01-15 06:57:55 1112

With the beginning of large-scale infrastructure construction in China, various investment users have begun to focus on the huge market of sand and stone production. However, there are tens of millions of crushing manufacturers and the types of equipment produced are also diverse. Investors who enter the sand and gravel field are troubled. Here, by introducing the characteristics of several equipment produced by our company, I will briefly introduce how to choose the sand and gravel crushing equipment correctly.

Which gravel crushing equipment is recommended? Equipment

Jaw crusher primary crushing equipment

The jaw crusher is an earlier crushing equipment on the market. After continuous improvement in technology, it is also a relatively common crushing equipment. Because it is mainly used for coarse crushing and intermediate crushing of various ores and bulk materials, it is often used as a primary crushing equipment with other types of crushers.

Application materials are widely used, granite, pebble, quartz Stone, limestone, etc.

jaw crusher

cone crusher secondary crushing equipment

cone crusher It is mainly used in the medium and fine crushing of high and medium hard materials. There are 5 series of single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, full hydraulic cone crusher Simmons cone crusher and spring cone crusher.

Common application materials: iron ore, copper ore, granite, quartz stone, etc.

cone crusher

secondary crushing equipment for counterattack
The same secondary crushing equipment, the impact crusher belongs to the impact crusher. Compared with the cone crusher, it is suitable for medium hardness and brittle materials, but the crushed product has a better grain shape.

Common application materials, granite, limestone, concrete, etc.

Impact crusher

One-time crushing and forming by heavy hammer

Like the impact crusher, the heavy hammer crusher belongs to the impact crusher, and it is also suitable for medium hardness and brittle materials. However, the heavy hammer crusher can crush the stone material at one time without secondary crushing.

Common application materials: limestone, coal gangue, calcite, etc. (glass)

weight hammer crusher

sand making machine Secondary crusher

Sand making machine is also called shaping machine. It can be seen that the difference from other secondary crushers is that the output particle shape is good. In addition, sand making machine is also suitable It is used for the medium and fine crushing of various soft, medium and hard materials to produce construction sand and road construction sand.

Common application materials, iron ore, quartz stone, concrete aggregate, etc.

Sand making machine

The above is mainly to analyze and compare the outstanding characteristics of various crushing equipment, so that investors can produce according to the materials they want to produce and their own The requirements of the particle type are used to roughly distinguish which crushing equipment is more suitable for investment.

Which common configurations can save you costs?

High-hard material vibrating feeder jaw crusher cone crusher vibrating screen

granular type requires vibrating feeder jaw crusher sand making Machine vibrating screen sand washing machine

small budget vibrating feeder jaw crushing jaw crushing vibrating screen

after determining the type of equipment to be invested, the equipment must be considered The model is available. The granularity and output size of the incoming and outgoing materials are different, and the equipment model size must naturally match. Henan Gold Mine Machine can customize the production of suitable equipment according to customer requirements, and provide higher-yield combination configurations to meet customer needs while doing everything possible May bring greater benefits to customers. Welcome to consult online and get your own investment plan.