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Snail crusher model and output (with pictures)



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In todays overwhelming publicity by many manufacturers, the snail crusher can not only be used for crushing, but also for sand making. Many users have expressed that it is enough to buy a snail crusher like this. Then the model and output of the machine can be satisfied. I believe that this is the information that many users are eager to know about the demand for production capacity. Next, this article has sorted it out and I will introduce it to you.

Snail Crusher Picture And introduction

Real shots of small hammer crusher equipment

Sand making shots on site of small snail crusher

Yes, the snail crusher is a small hammer crusher. In fact, it also has a nickname called the whistle crusher, which is the same equipment. The snail crusher is more suitable for processing materials such as lime rock paste, quartz stone glass waste bricks, etc. Some barite river pebble granites with low hardness can also be processed, because the small snail crusher does not have a grate design at the bottom, and it is not prone to clogging, so the machine can process materials with a water content of less than 10%, and the crushing effect is good. High quality, cost-effective, high comprehensive income.

Hammer crusher looks like a snail but also a whistle

Snail crusher model and output

Convert here to 1.61.8 tons per cubic meter

Production capacity (mh)

Motor power






There are more snail crushers on the market The model is

Specification PC1000800, processing capacity is 2550mh, motor power is 8P75kw

Specification PC10001000, processing capacity is 3055mh, motor power is 8P90KW.

Snail crusher performance advantages

Small energy consumption, good crushing effect and sand making, and more importantly, low price, this is the main advantage of snail crushers in most customers. In addition, this machine also has

1 It can handle nearly 100 kinds of materials, and the crushing particle size is uniform and the particle shape is good.

2 It can be formed at one time, saving crushing time and processing costs, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes

3Small size, light weight, easy to move.

Small hammer crusher equipment

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