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Start-up steps of PE jaw crusher



2020-09-09 15:57:54 1114

The PE type jaw crusher is a kind of equipment for the jaw crusher. Many friends will treat it according to the general start-up steps of the jaw crusher. In fact, this approach is incorrect. Each type of equipment has different start-up steps.I hope that users and friends follow the correct procedures.

(1) After inspection, it is proved that the machine is in normal condition before it can be started.
(2)The jaw crusher is only allowed to start under the condition of no load.
(3)Before starting, you must use a bell or signal to warn in advance.
(4) After starting, if abnormal phenomena are found,The operation should be stopped immediately. The crusher can be restarted only after the abnormal conditions have been identified and eliminated.
The correct operation method can not only allow the crushing equipment to operate with high yield in a short period of time, but also protect the equipment from damage.Necessary damage.