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Strengthen investigation and research to choose high-quality hammers



2020-07-15 18:57:54 1107

Strengthen investigation and research and choose high-quality hammers. The hammer of the crusher is an important part of the crusher and plays a pivotal role on the mine line. Therefore, the quality of the hammer of the crusher determines The quality of the work of the crusher. If the material of the hammer is not properly selected, the life of the hammer will not only be shortened, but it will also affect the working efficiency of the crusher, greatly reducing the production efficiency, and also bringing great benefits to customers. The economic burden, the non-wearable hammer head is not enough to make the crusher not work properly, and it also makes the customer miserable. Gongyi Xinyuan Forging Factory made a simple introduction and summary on the material selection of the hammer head of the crusher. Crusher hammer users are helpful.

At present, there are many classifications of crusher hammers on the market. According to the production process, there are forging hammers. The difference between the head and the casting hammer is according to the material

There are many kinds of 65Mn forged hammers, high manganese steel hammers, high chromium alloy hammers, high-strength alloy hammers, bimetal composite hammers, etc. . We do not produce expensive hammers, but only produce hammers that are wear-resistant, high-quality, and suitable for users. Our technician Mr. Li will remind everyone to choose hammers of different materials according to the production environment of the crusher. Yes At that time, vision is everything.

Everyone may want to know about the bimetal hammer. The material used for the bimetal hammer is a bimetal thermal composite material. Produced with this material

The service life of the hammer head can reach more than 2 to 3 times the service life of the original products such as ordinary high manganese hammer head and high chromium hammer head, and the crushing efficiency is increased by more than 30%. The hammer head is widely used for coking coal. Gangue metallurgy, glass, mine, ore and cement plant, limestone clinker, cement plant, brick and tile plant, especially quarry, brick plant, leaf rock and other crushing industries.

Bimetal materials use special technological means to combine two different The high-performance material melts into one body in the liquid state, and the composite area can reach

00%. Its working part is made of high-chromium cast iron material to effectively ensure that it has sufficient anti-wear performance. The parts are made of alloy steel with good toughness to ensure its safe operation.

The hardness of the bimetal composite material can reach HRC6265, and the impact toughness (AK) 30JC or more, so it has high resistance Grinding effect and reliable safety performance. Effectively solve the contradiction between hardness and toughness, so that it can adapt to various complex and harsh working conditions.