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Summary of the shortcomings of the hammer crusher



2020-07-07 03:57:54 1128

The hammer crusher is also a machine that often shows up in the crushing equipment. For the problems that it will encounter in use, Gold Mine summarizes and hopes to help you.

The problem is that the output particle size is too large, It may be caused by the breakage of the sieve bar due to the excessive wear of the hammer head. You need to replace the hammer head to replace the sieve bar.

Question two, there is a knocking sound inside the machine. It should be very common. The machine has an inexplicable sound. It must be sending us a signal, and this percussion sound is probably due to the loosening of the non-broken material into the inner liner of the machine, and the hammer hits the liner. Or other parts are broken. Then you need to stop the machine, clean the crushing cavity, check the tightness of the liner and the gap between the hammer and the screen, and replace the broken parts.

Problem three machine vibration, this problem There are many reasons, the hammer head is broken, the rotor imbalance pin becomes tortuous and broken, the triangular disc or the disc cracks, when the hammer head is replaced, or the rotor static balance is not required due to the wear of the cone head, the anchor bolts are loose, etc., which will cause the machine to vibrate. Then if you proceed To judge, first remove the hammer head and select the hammer head by weight, so that the total weight of the hammer on each hammer shaft is equal to the total weight of the hammer on the hammer shaft, that is, the static balance meets the requirements or you directly replace the hammer head and replace the pin. Repair or replace the fastening anchor bolts.

Problem 4 The bearing is overheated. If you say that it is frictional heat, it is not wrong, but it should not be overheated. If it is too hot, it proves that there is a problem, it is very likely It is because the grease is insufficient, the grease is too much, the grease is dirty, the bearing is damaged, etc., you should remember that the grease in the bearing should be 50% of the space volume. If the grease is insufficient, you need to add an appropriate amount of grease. The direct point of the bearing is to replace the grease and replace the bearing.

Gold Mine will summarize four points for everyone. Of course, the problem is not only these four points. Gold Mine will summarize more, if you have any questions, you can also directly consult Redstar technicians, Redstar is at your service at any time