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The advantages and disadvantages of hammer crushers



2020-06-26 15:57:53 1132

Hammer crushers have become more and more active in the crusher industry recently. Due to its special structure, the crusher has become the main raw material crushing equipment for cement plants.

Advantages of the hammer crusher
1The advanced finite element analysis technology of the enhanced rotor optimizes the design of the key parts of the rotor to make it more durable
2Adopts advanced wear-resistant surfacing technology, which is durable Grinding makes the life of the whole machine longer.
3The hammer head adopts the advanced level of composite material independently developed by our company.
4Using our companys special technology, the stone crushing cavity is transformed to make the material self-breaking ratio It greatly increases and effectively reduces the wear load of the hammerhead grate plate
5 The optimized design of the new grate plate seam, smooth discharge, fine and uniform particle size, stable grate plate and long life.

Disadvantages of hammer crusher
1 The hammer head and grate screen wear fast, and the maintenance and balance time are long.
2When crushing hard materials, the wear is faster.
3Crushing stick When the material is wet, it is easy to block the screen gap of the grate bar, which is easy to cause downtime (the water content of the material should not exceed 10%).

Hammer crusher manufacturer Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery, produced by Hammer Crusher Compared with the single-rotor single-stage hammer crusher with the same production capacity, the crusher has a lighter weight. Since the two rotors can hang more hammers, the amount of wear metal available for use is larger and the hammer life is longer , It saves you a lot of time to frequently replace the hammer head of the hammer crusher.