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The bright future of hammer crushers comes from user experience



2020-09-02 00:57:54 1135

At present, our Gold Mine Company is very careful and meticulous in the development of the hammer crusher. At present, if we want to solve the problem of the hammer crusher, we have to start with the hammer crusher itself and the user. Why do you say that, because our hammer crusher Machines are generally operated by users, so users have a better understanding of hammer crushers. You can tell us where it is inconvenient to use, and then we summarize the current situation under the comprehensive synthesis, and then make a summary

The weight and wear resistance of the hammer head of the hammer crusher are directly related. When the hammer head is working according to the principle of mechanics, when the material collides with the high-speed rotating hammer head, the material The sharp corners are pressed into the hammer surface to form an impact crater, and the impact force is all converted into a compressive stress on the hammer surface. And high manganese steel because of its better toughness, after being hit by a certain weight of objects, it will form on the surface of the hammer With a certain hardness, only when the hammer head reaches a certain weight, can it cope with the huge impact of heavy objects, which is converted into compressive stress and achieves the effect of prolonging the service life.
In fact, we can clearly see that the hammer type The hammer head of the crusher is one area we need to improve. The two places are the protection of the hammer crusher. These are very important to us. We cant say that our hammer crusher is good, but we just Dont take care of it, so our hammer crusher will not be the first, the source of the article