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The country increases investment in water conservancy and enhances confidence in the construction machinery industry



2020-10-12 21:57:54 1126

The 4 trillion investment of the Chinese government has swept the world in the financial crisis. When the 4 trillion investment that greatly stimulated the demand for construction machinery is coming to an end, the national water conservancy investment policy will be promulgated in time. In the next 10 years, water conservancy construction may become after the high-speed rail. The decision-makers prefer to take care of the next investment feast. Large-scale water conservancy construction will greatly stimulate the demand for construction machinery products. In this new historical opportunity, construction machinery companies must innovate from time to time according to this development direction, and R&D and production are in line with water conservancy. Construction machinery products demanded by the market. At the same time, construction machinery companies should pay close attention to the bidding trends of new water conservancy projects nationwide. The compilation of major new construction projects in Chinas water conservancy projects in 2011 compiled by China Construction Machinery Business Network is a selection of 2011 China There are 479 new major construction projects in water conservancy, with a total investment of nearly 200 billion yuan. This compilation has great reference value, helping construction machinery companies to quickly find water conservancy customer resources and seize market opportunities.

This is a comprehensive arrangement of water conservancy work in relevant documents since the founding of New China 62 years ago. The document proposes that the decision on accelerating water conservancy reform and development is released. In the future, we must increase public financial investment in water conservancy, and As a key area of public financial investment. Measures include extracting 10% of land transfer proceeds for farmland water conservancy construction, further improving the water conservancy construction fund policy, extending the collection period, expanding source channels, increasing the scale of income, strengthening financial support for water conservancy construction, etc. In addition, the water conservancy construction fund raising and use management method recently jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Water Resources provides a capital guarantee for the rapid growth of water conservancy investment. This is undoubtedly another major benefit for the construction machinery market closely related to water conservancy construction. The news has greatly boosted the confidence in the development of the industry.

It will directly drive the demand for construction machinery products such as impact crusher, jaw crusher mechanism, sand machine elevator, etc. The The document clarifies that water conservancy construction will be vigorously strengthened, and water conservancy construction is an important use market for construction machinery products. The states policy support for water conservancy construction. Raise funds through multiple channels and strive to double the average annual water conservancy investment of the whole society in the next 10 years compared with 2010. In this regard, Chen Xiwen, director of the Office of the Deputy Leader of the Rural Work Leading Group, analyzed that Chinas water conservancy investment was 200 billion yuan in 2010, which is doubled to 400 billion yuan, which means that water conservancy investment in the next 10 years will reach 4 trillion yuan. .