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The development prospects of the machine-made sand industry How to deal with the sand making procedures How much does it cost to start a sand making plant



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What is the development prospect of the machine-made sand industry? Lets talk about this question.

Due to the reduction of natural sand resources, a series of ecological problems have seriously affected our living environment. Governments at all levels have begun to issue protection According to the policy, natural sand is restricted from mining, and the market price has risen sharply. At the same time, machine-made sand with low manufacturing cost and easy access to raw materials has gradually entered the market supply, alleviating the current situation of insufficient supply of sand and gravel resources on the market. The quality of machine-made sand It can be comparable to natural sand. It is an inevitable trend to replace natural sand. The machine-made sand industry has a bright future. So how much does it cost to start a sand-making plant and how to go through the sand-making procedures? Let Gold Mine introduce you in detail the investment in the machine-made sand industry. Two or three things.

Delivery site of tire-type mobile sand making equipment

How to handle sand making procedures at the sand making factory

If you want to mine ore resources, you must go through the relevant procedures to open a sand plant, and the procedures must be formal, and the industrial and commercial environmental protection and safety are all available. Because of the differences in the production needs of each user and the regional policy, etc., There may be deviations in the process, and the basic environmental assessment process is the key to the sand making process. The general process is as follows

1 The name of the industry and commerce department

2The Ministry of Land and Resources issued mining Permit

3 Security Administration Approval Process

4Environmental Protection Agency Evaluation Certificate

5Business License Procedures Handled by Industry and Commerce Department

6Go to the taxation department to issue a tax registration certificate

The process of opening a sand factory

How much does it cost to start a sand factory

The establishment of a sand making plant, the preliminary review process, the cost of site rent, electricity and labor costs, the cost of sand making materials, and the transportation cost are all basic investments for the establishment of a sand making plant and are essential expenses. According to statistics from some regions It can be seen that the investment cost of small and medium-sized sand making plants on the market now is about 301 million. In addition to the mining procedures, the establishment of a sand making plant also requires the recruitment of labor for site rental equipment and the construction of infrastructure, which account for The larger one is the selection of sand making equipment, and the procedures are for long-term development.

At present, the average price of machine-made sand is 80,150 yuan, and there are many sand and gravel materials and the cost is very low. The cost of a ton of machine-made sand is between 3050 yuan, and a profit of about 50,100 yuan per ton of machine-made sand. If the production is 10 hours a day, the output is 300 tons per hour, and the profit per ton is about 50 yuan, the daily gross profit can also be If it reaches tens of thousands of yuan, the annual profit can reach several million, and the investment profit is still considerable.

Large-scale fixed sand production site

Video display of large-scale sand production site

Users who want to engage in sand control industry, how to choose a Equipment manufacturers

Users who want to engage in the sand control industry should try their best to choose large companies that are directly sold by manufacturers. The quality of the equipment is guaranteed, the after-sales service is perfect, and they are self-produced and sold, and there is no middleman to profit from it. The price is also more favorable, which not only saves investment costs, but also solves various problems that arise in your later production, and perfect after-sales service can solve the worries of users. Recommend a direct sales manufacturer with 40 years of production and sales experience Gold Mine Machinery.

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Real shots of the Gold Mine Machine Factory