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The difference between spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher



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Both spring cone crushers and hydraulic cone crushers are widely used in many fields of crushing equipment. Although they are both highly productive equipment, there are many differences in many aspects.

Spring Cone Crusher

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

1 Working Principle

When the spring cone crusher is working, the motor drives the pulley or the shaft of the coupling to rotate the cone part under the force of the eccentric sleeve to make a repetitive swing motion around a certain fixed point, so that the crushing wall of the cone sometimes approaches and leaves the adjustment sleeve. On the surface of the mortar wall, the ore will continue to be subjected to the force of impact, extrusion and bending in the crushing cavity, so as to realize the crushing of the ore. When the hydraulic cone crusher is working, the motor drives the horizontal shaft of the crusher through the V-belt and the leather wheel. The horizontal shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the rotation of the gear, and the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft to make the moving cone part to swing motion, thereby generating periodic relative movement between the eccentrically oscillating moving cone liner and the fixed cone liner, so that the crushing The material is continuously squeezed and bent in the crushing chamber to be crushed.

2 Adjustment of the discharge opening

Spring cone crusher It has a different working principle from the hydraulic cone crusher, which also makes them have different advantages and characteristics. In terms of the adjustment of the discharge opening, the discharge opening size of the spring cone crusher is realized by adjusting the spring, and the hydraulic cone The adjustment of the size of the discharge port of the crusher is realized by driving the piston of the hydraulic cylinder. The spring safety setting of the spring cone crusher can protect the equipment well, and the grease sealing method adopted by the spring cone crusher is also It can effectively avoid the phenomenon of water and oil mixing. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher is convenient and reliable, and can provide safe and effective overload protection.

3Application areas

The application fields of the spring cone crusher include metallurgical industry, building material industry, road construction industry, chemical industry, silicic acid industry, suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium and medium hardness. Metallurgical industry, chemical industry, refractory materials, hydropower, urban construction, highways and other industries, suitable for all kinds of ore and rocks.