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The domestic machinery industry is also initially mature



2020-07-12 21:57:54 1100

In the domestic economic structure, machinery and equipment have occupied a very important position, and the domestic machinery industry has initially matured, and it is believed that it will soon go to the world.

The 2011 equipment manufacturing informatization was held in Beijing a few days ago. Summit forum to jointly discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the informatization process of Chinas equipment manufacturing industry. The current market is from relatively stable to dynamic and changeable. Therefore, the product of the manufacturing enterprise, as well as its development time, quality, cost, service environment, and knowledge content Severe challenges. Domestic heavy industrialization has entered a stage of acceleration, and the late-comer advantages of high-speed rail construction, wind power and other new energy businesses are accelerating the development trend of Chinas heavy industrialization, thereby forming a powerful engine for the development of equipment manufacturing, and the development of industrial and commercial economies in various regions It is inseparable from the advancement of infrastructure, and large-scale engineering projects will have more and more demand for crushing equipment such as fine crushers.

In the domestic economic structure, the equipment manufacturing industry is in the manufacturing value chain. It has the characteristics of dense technical knowledge, high added value, high growth, strong relevance, and large driving force. It occupies a very important strategic position. Crushing equipment such as crushers and fine crushers has matured in technology. China is already a large manufacturing country, but it is not a strong country. Most domestic companies are at the lower end. Therefore, the innovation of service resources and environmental knowledge is becoming a key factor in the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. It is necessary to accelerate the informatization process, and use digital design, simulation, testing, and comprehensive support technology and services to support the equipment manufacturing industry from manufacturing to creation. Changing the development model of manufacturing enterprises and accelerating the transformation of economic development has become the consensus of the industry.