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The hammer crusher is 400,880 tons per hour.



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The sand and gravel aggregate industry should continue to strive for excellence. Only high-quality aggregates can better meet the needs of construction. Based on the current increasing demand for high-quality sand and gravel aggregates in various fields, the market for high-quality aggregate processing equipment has gradually become Technology, the hammer crusher has been updated and improved. The current production of heavy hammer crushers can be as high as 1100 tons per hour. Therefore, 00880 tons per hour is not a problem. For this hammer crusher, it is very simple. Dont worry about the problem that the capacity of the hammer crusher cannot be reached.

One, the technical parameters of the hammer crusher


Production capacity (m3h)

Motor power
















Second, the production capacity of the hammer crusher

The hammer crusher can process 1,601,100 tons of materials per hour. The capacity is only a reference value and not customized. The actual production capacity is also related to the crushing Material hardness, operation level, installation stability, power supply conditions and other factors are related. In order to obtain higher production capacity and obtain high income, it is necessary to choose a hammer crusher with strong body stability and low failure rate, material and wear-resistant design. Operate in accordance with regulations, and perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure high yield and high profit.

Three, the technical advantages of the hammer crusher with an hourly output of 400,880 tons

1, the hammer head is more wear-resistantThe hammer head of the hammer crusher is supported by imported composite steel. The material itself has a very strong wear resistance and compression resistance, and a pair of hammer heads can be used repeatedly, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the whole machine , Bring higher production income to users.

2, the hammer head box of the hammer crusher has a low mechanical failure rate. The sub-components and other components are made of advanced wear-resistant materials. After the optimized design of the whole machine, the operation is more stable and the mechanical failure rate is very low, which can help users save a lot of maintenance costs.

3, production The heavy hammer crusher has an hourly output of 1601100 tons, and can crush materials with a particle size between 6001800mm to 5 or 25mm at a time. The hammer head is cast with a new process and has strong wear resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, the production capacity of the whole hammer crusher is very strong.

As for the production capacity, in addition to the quality of the hammer crusher itself, it is also affected by In the future, the operation level of users will be affected. Therefore, it is not only necessary to choose a hammer crusher with good quality and more wear-resistant, but also to see whether the hammer crusher is easy to operate. The Gold Mine hammer crusher is compact in size and low in cost. Compared with other crushers, the price is very affordable, and there are many models. The crushed stone products are more three-dimensional, angular and have higher application grade. For details, please consult our technicians for free