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Can cement blocks be broken into stones? Cement block crusher full set price



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How to dispose of cement after demolition is reasonable. Of course, it is more appropriate to make the best use of it, and it is more appropriate to become a resource again. As the scope of recycling and treatment of construction waste becomes more and more extensive, the cement is also broken and then used as gravel and sand in urban construction It seems to be very feasible. But the question is, can the cement block be broken into stones and used

Can the cement blocks be broken into stones and used?

Proved The answer is yes. After professional machine treatment, the cement block can be broken into 05mm fine aggregate, and 560mm medium-coarse aggregate. The quality of the finished product, the performance and moisture content, etc., all meet the application standards of renewable resources, and can be used to produce the corresponding strength level. Except for the concrete, it is also widely used in other fields.

1 Used for mortar mixing or made into cement block wallboard environmental protection bricks and other building materials, or used It can be used for road pavement base layer

2 can be used for road construction, pile foundation filling foundation, etc.

3 can also be used for the manufacture of insulation wall dry-mixed mortar on the periphery of insulation material wall, etc. .

Cement block crushing into gravel sand has many uses, and users who want to invest do not have to worry about market demand and sales.

What are the complete sets of cement block crusher equipment?

The cement block crusher is a waste recycling machine. It is designed with the principle of nearby treatment. There are mainly two fixed and mobile cement block recycling treatment options on the market. Here are engineers for free for every customer The plan, the specific complete set of cement block crusher equipment configuration plan is as follows, for your reference.

1The complete set of fixed cement block crusher equipment

a Multi-stage crushing, large feed size, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen conveyor, iron remover

b Primary crushing, forming vibrating feeder, heavy hammer crusher, vibrating screen Conveyor iron remover

The fixed treatment plan features a large capacity, and the cement block recycling treatment plant requires piling, which is suitable for a stable site with a large scale and a fixed storage location for raw materials.

2Mobile cement block crusher equipment

Two truck-mounted crushing processing systems are a set of feeder jaw breaking (coarse) Crushing) iron remover, a counter-breaking (fine crushing) vibrating screen iron remover is placed on a trolley

Mobile cement block crusher equipment is essentially a streamlined packaging of the entire production line and mounted on a vehicle-mounted system. It is easy to realize the elimination of the complicated problems caused by the site environment to the crushing operation. It has the advantages of convenient movement, no need for infrastructure, no installation, simple operation, high degree of automation, and it can be controlled by one person. It is suitable for processing plants where the site is not fixed. The highly flexible road engineering field is widely used.

How much is the price of a complete set of cement block crusher

Cement block crusher The price of a complete set of equipment mainly depends on the customers raw material production capacity, product specifications and other actual operational requirements. For example, if the customer needs a large-volume processing production line, it needs to configure a larger model of crusher equipment, and the quotation will be higher. If the output of the processing production line is not large, you can configure a slightly more streamlined crusher equipment with a smaller model, and the price will be lower. Because the price of the complete set of equipment has more factors, and the selection of equipment types and models, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to conclude on the price without knowing the specific needs of the customer.

If you want to know the specific complete set of cement block crusher equipment For the price, please click on the online consultation to understand, and a product manager will serve you wholeheartedly.

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