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5 methods of applying force to crushing equipment



2020-08-20 18:57:54 1178

When the crusher breaks the stone material, in order to overcome the cohesive force of the ore, an external force must be applied. For the crushing of the ore, the main force is currently used by mechanical force. There are 5 common crushing methods.

( 1) Crushing method. It uses two working faces gradually approaching the ore, the pressure generated is ore crushing. This method is characterized by gradually increasing force and a larger range of force.

(2) Splitting method. It uses the splitting force of the tines embedded in the ore to smash the ore. Its characteristic is that the range of force is relatively concentrated and local fracture occurs, just like a cone crusher.

(3) Breaking method. When the ore is crushed, the ore is broken and broken due to the concentrated bending force of the relative force in the direction. The characteristic of this method is that in addition to the splitting force at the point of external force, it is also subjected to Because of the bending force, it is easy to crush the ore. Typical equipment such as a jaw crusher.

(4) Grinding method. It uses the action on the surface of the ore to move relative to the ore. The shear force of this kind of force acts on the surface of the ore, so it is used to crush finely divided materials, such as impact crushers.

(5) Impact method. It uses instantaneous impact The force acts on the ore. Due to the high impact speed, the deformation is too late to extend to all of the impacted object, and a considerable local force is generated at the impact site. The impact has a large destructive effect on the ore, so the crushing effect is better. Because the force is It acts on the ore in an instant, so the impact crushing is also called a power crusher.The typical equipment is an impact crusher.