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The normal operation of the hammer crusher is the last word for development



2020-10-02 03:57:54 1121

The start of the hammer crusher is a topic of more concern to our manufacturers and customers. For example, if a device produced by our manufacturer cannot be started, then we need a lot of trouble. The user is the same for the hammer crusher. Yes, so when we do this, we must do the following points, because our environment is different, there will be different places to start.

a The crusher can be fed after normal operation.
b The crushed materials must be added evenly and distributed over the full length of the rotor working part to prevent sudden increase in motor load.
c Regularly Check the condition of the sieve strip and remove it immediately if it is blocked.
d Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing should be within 35 and the temperature should not exceed 70. If it exceeds 70, stop immediately, find out the cause and eliminate it.
e. The feeding work should be stopped before parking. After the material in the crushing chamber is completely crushed, the motor can be turned off.
Although we often explain the requirements in this regard, we still hope that our users are using When hammer crusher, we must do a good job in this aspect of development. Strict and pragmatic, we can use our hammer crusher well. Only by continuous use and practice, we can learn more from it, article source http :