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The performance advantages of impact crusher



2020-08-16 00:57:54 1162

The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. Its characteristics are small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40), low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, and options The role of ore crushing is a very promising equipment. Since it has so many features, what advantages does it have compared to other crushers?

Gold Mine Mining Machinery will introduce the performance advantages of the impact crusher in detail.

1 The impact crusher can effectively process materials with large moisture content and prevent the clogging of the crusher. When the water content of the processed material is too large, the feed chute and the impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the bonding of the material. The impact crusher does not need to be equipped with a bottom screen to effectively prevent blockage. And hammer crushing The machine cannot use heating to prevent material sticking, and it must be equipped with a bottom screen, which increases the possibility of clogging.

2 The impact crusher is suitable for soft The material of the impact crusher is suitable for materials with very high hardness. The hammer of the impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor with a mechanical clamping structure, and has a large moment of inertia when rotating with the rotor. Compared with the hammer crusher (hammer head) In a suspended state), the rotor of the impact crusher has greater momentum, which is suitable for crushing harder materials and has lower energy consumption.

3 Impact crusher The machine can easily and flexibly adjust the discharge particle size with a wide range of adjustment. The impact crusher can adjust the discharge particle size in a variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed to adjust the gap between the impact plate and the grinding chamber. The gap adjustment can be mechanical or hydraulic For adjustment, the hydraulic adjustment system can be used to conveniently adjust the gap through the on-site operation button or the travel control system. The hammer crusher can only adjust the discharge particle size by replacing the bottom sieve plate.

4 The wear of the vulnerable parts of the impact crusher is higher than that of the hammer crusher. The wear of the impact crushers plate hammer only appears on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed Normally, the feed material will fall to the surface of the blow hammer (the striking surface), and the back and sides of the blow hammer will not be worn. Even the side facing the material has very little wear. And the bottom grinding rod is also easy to replace. The metal utilization rate of the plate hammer of the type crusher can be as high as 45% 48%. The hammer head of the hammer type crusher is in a hanging state, and the wear occurs on the upper, front, and the side. Compared with the plate hammer, the hammer head wears more serious, and the metal of the hammer head The utilization rate is only about 25%. And the rotor body itself may also be worn. The bottom screen of the hammer crusher is severely affected by wear, and all the grilles must be replaced, and the replacement of the screen is also more complicated.

5 The replacement of spare parts of the impact crusher is easy and maintenance costs are correspondingly reduced. Only 6 plate hammers are installed on the rotor of the impact crusher, and it is convenient to use the special tools provided by Gold Mine Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Replace the blower on the ground, only one It takes only tens of minutes to replace the grinding rods in the bottom grinding cavity, which greatly reduces the time and cost of inspection and maintenance. There are more than 100 hammer heads in the hammer crusher, and a set of hammer heads is replaced It takes a lot of time and manpower, and the cost of overhaul and maintenance is high.