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Can the jaw crusher discharge up to 35 mm?



2020-11-19 03:57:54 1143

The jaw crusher is a relatively large crushing equipment in the crushing equipment. It can be used in the work. The mixing uniformity of the two materials is good, and the mixing amount of the materials is greatly increased. The mixing amount can reach 60%, which effectively reduces the cost of raw materials. But for the jaw crusher when crushing ore or rock, how much can the output size of the jaw crusher reach 35 mm?

The finished product can reach 35mm

When crushing materials, the jaw crusher can adjust the discharge port according to the needs of users, so that the finished product can reach 35 mm. Of course, for materials with complex nature, it must be done in advance Screening or processing work, such as when the rock hardness is high and the viscosity is strong, it must be dried to adjust the hardness. In addition, the jaw crusher effectively solves the high operating rate of the original limestone crusher due to low output and no maintenance time The problem.

The crushing of large pieces of limestone can be completed. The maximum crushed particle size is 10001200mm, which effectively solves the original problem of the shortage of limestone supply while storing a large amount of large limestone. The finished product is even more About 3mm

Discharge opening adjustment of jaw crusher

The jaw crusher adopts an inclined iron adjusting device. The inclined iron adjusting device is mainly used to adjust the discharge The width of the opening. The inclined iron adjusting device uses bolts or worm gears or chain transmission devices to raise and lower the rear inclined iron. The front inclined iron is installed in the guide grooves on the two side walls of the frame and can only move horizontally. When the rear inclined iron When being lifted, due to the slope relationship, the front inclined iron moves forward along the guide groove, the thrust plate and the movable jaw move forward, and the width of the discharge opening decreases. On the contrary, when the rear inclined iron falls, the discharge opening The width is increased. This kind of adjustment device realizes stepless adjustment, and there is no need to stop during adjustment.

The jaw crusher discharge method is not smooth

In work, when the jaw crusher is not discharged smoothly, this problem can be solved by adjusting the size of the coarse crushers discharge port. Method 1 to adjust the size of the coarse crushers discharge port Hydraulic safety device, safe and easy to troubleshoot 2 The bearing parts that need to be forced to be lubricated are wear-resistant and withstand large impact loads 2 Increase or decrease the number of gasket layers to increase or decrease the discharge port of the jaw crusher .Free consultation