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Can the particle size of the sand making machine be adjusted? Redstar engineers tell you how to do it



2021-01-05 09:57:55 1163

With the successive development of domestic infrastructure projects, the amount of sand used in the market is increasing day by day. Under the background of the gradual shortage of natural sand, machine-made sand has gradually become the mainstream of market sand, and the establishment of machine-made sand plants has also become one of the most popular investment projects for users. First, how much do you know about the sand making machine equipment for producing machine-made sand? Is the particle size adjustable? How to adjust this article Gold Mine engineers will answer you in detail.

Market The supply of sand is tight, and the production of machine-made sand has become the main force of the market with large grain size and high controllable quality.

Sand making machine has high controllable grain size and high quality, which is superior to natural sand

The particle size of sand is one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of sand. Sand with a good particle size and uniform size can better meet the high standards of the market for sand use and can sell at a good price. And the market is more The demand presents diversified characteristics. Some industries need fine sand, some industries need medium sand, and some industries need coarse sand or ultra-fine sand, which requires that the sand specifications and particle sizes produced can be adjusted.

So can the granularity of the broken sand be adjusted? The answer is yes. As a special sand grinding equipment, it can not only realize the controllable particle size of the finished sand, but also has the characteristics of good grain shape, high yield and low cost. Compared with natural sand, sand is better than natural sand.

Gold Mine Vietnam users stone sand production line on-site

How to adjust the sand making machine Finished sand particle size

The sand making equipment currently on the market is divided into three series of VSIHX and HVI sand making machines. The finished product particle size is roughly between 05mm. Different series of sand making machines operate due to the casting process. The principle is slightly different, and there are also certain differences in the adjustment methods of the particle size of the finished product. The following Gold Mine engineers will introduce you in detail how these equipment adjust the particle size of the finished product.

Gold Mine users machine-made sand crushing and sand making production line site

HVI sand making machine is a very advanced model in the current sand making equipment, with a higher degree of intelligence, and adopts the principles of stone-on-rock and stone-on-iron crushing , The coarse, medium and fine crushing of the stone can be done with one key of an advanced CNC controller, and the fineness of the finished product can reach 0.11mm, and the sand crushing effect is very ideal.

Intelligent degree High, one-click adjustment of the size of the finished product.

VSI series sand making machine adopts the principle of stone beating and stone beating iron crushing, which has the dual functions of crushing and shaping. The finished sand is uniform and fine, mostly cubic, finished The particle size is between 05mm, and the particle size is simple and controllable.

The finished product has good particle shape, and the particle size is simple and controllable

HX series The sand making machine is an earlier type of sand making equipment. Its performance is slightly inferior to that of the HVI and VSI series of sand making equipment. It adopts the principle of stone-on-rock crushing and realizes crushing and making sand through the collision of materials. The particle size of the finished product is adjusted by adjusting the speed of the sand making machine, and the output particle size is roughly between 08mm.

The particle size of the finished product can be controlled to meet the needs of users. Seed sand demand

If you have higher requirements for the particle size of the finished sand, and you want the finished sand to be more fine and uniform, you can add a vibrating screen and a sand washing machine. The vibrating screen uses a vibrator to excite the sand to achieve a filter screen Separate processing, send to the finished product area that meets the particle size requirements, and return the material for reprocessing if the particle size requirements are not met. The vibrating screen can be equipped with double-layer, three-layer and other multi-layer screens according to user needs to meet the users various specifications for sand washing The sand machine can strip the impurities in the sand to make it cleaner, cleaner and higher quality. Commonly used sand washing machines are divided into single-wheel, double-wheel and three-wheel. Users can choose according to their actual conditions.

Gold Mine vibrating screen is capable of sieving sand and gravel with high yield, and the finished grain is better and more uniform.

Sand washing machine can clean sand and save energy Water-saving, high-yield and clean, sand price doubled immediately

Gold Mine high-quality sand making machine crushed sand produces better grain shape, higher yield, lower cost, easier to adjust particle size

A high-quality sand making equipment department is the prerequisite for high-yield and convenient production of crushed sand. With high quality, the more advanced the configuration, the better the performance. It is used for the production of crushed sand and not only has better grain size, larger capacity, and lower operating costs, Moreover, the degree of automation is higher, and the granularity adjustment of the finished product is more convenient and faster.

Gold Mine Sand Making Machine is of higher quality, more affordable price, and more trustworthy

Henan Gold Mine, as a strong manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and sales of sand and gravel crushing and sand making equipment, has been in business for more than 40 years. It has a good reputation in the industry, strong manufacturer strength, advanced casting technology, rich production experience, and perfect after-sales service , The quality and configuration of the sand making machine produced are more secure and more reliable.

Gold Mine also adopts a self-produced and self-sold business model. Compared with the same quality, the Gold Mine price is more reliable. It is more affordable and cost-effective. If you are interested and want to invest in the stone sand production line, you can click to consult Henan Gold Mine for free, and there will be professional technicians to serve you online in real time.