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The specific difference of domestic impact crusher



2020-09-20 21:57:54 1133

When users talk about domestic impact crushers and foreign impact crushers, they always feel that foreign equipment is better than domestic ones. It may be that foreign monks will chant sutras in their hearts. It is undeniable that in the early stages of the development of crushers in China, no matter what The quality of the crusher or the design is unsatisfactory. However, with the development of domestic crushing technology, the impact crushers produced by some large companies like Henan Gold Mine have basically reached the advanced level, making more domestic companies The use of high-tech and high production efficiency crushing equipment.

Due to the characteristics of domestic users using impact crushers, our crushers are still somewhat different from foreign ones. The specific performance is as follows.
First of all, the quality of the domestic and foreign main engines of the impact crusher of the same specification is similar. However, the quality of the foreign products The shell and mass are large, the mass of the rotor and the counterattack frame is small. Due to the small mass of the rotor of the domestic product, the small moment of inertia, the power of the motor to be dragged is also small, especially when it is used for crushing hard rock to obtain small particles, the processing capacity is low.

Secondly, in the design of the counterattack cavity shape, the adjustment of the counterattack plate when different particle sizes are required, and the replacement of the hammer, the design differences between domestic and foreign products are also very obvious. The poor design in these aspects not only affects the quality of the product, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to the use and maintenance. Wear-resistant materials. The above is the specific difference between the domestic impact crusher and the foreign impact crusher, but the crusher we produce The wearing parts of the equipment are made of highly wear-resistant materials, and the service life is basically the same as that of foreign equipment.Therefore, users can buy more advanced crusher equipment at the price of purchasing domestic equipment.