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The update of components during the development of the jaw crusher is time-limited



2020-10-03 06:57:54 1160

The parts of the jaw crusher have a certain period of time when they are replaced. It does not mean that we can replace it when we look at it. Sometimes what we see with our eyes is not the same as it is actual, so we need to replace the jaw crusher. We need to grasp the content of our analysis below, only in this way can we meet the requirements

In fact, the more important thing is to check the degree of wear of the components. Experienced The operator of the crusher can judge whether it is time to replace the new part according to the degree of wear of the component. The fixed liner of the jaw crusher, the liner on both sides of the movable jaw liner is relatively easy to wear, and the serious wear will cause The particle size of the product becomes larger. In the initial stage, the tooth plate can be used in a U-turn, or the upper and lower two pieces can be used in a U-turn. The wear of the jaw plate is mostly in the middle and lower parts. When the tooth height is worn off by 35, a new liner needs to be replaced. Two When the side liner is worn down by 25, it needs to be replaced. If the wear of the shaft is small, just to repair its geometric shape, it can be turned on a lathe to make the journal to the correct geometric shape, and then reduce the bearing accordingly Inner diameter. But after several such treatments, if the size of the journal is reduced by 5% compared to the original, turning is not allowed, and a new shaft should be replaced.

We need to replace it. Just look at the above. Only in this way, the replacement of the parts of our jaw crusher will not be wasted, otherwise we will easily waste our materials, and we should pay attention to the jaw crusher when replacing it. The authenticity of the material, the source of the article