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The working principle and purchase of phyllite impact crusher



2020-12-05 12:57:54 1123

Phyllite is formed by low-level regional metamorphism of argillaceous rock. It is a granular scale metamorphic structure, often grayish yellow. Its metamorphic length is higher than slate and lower than schist and gneiss. For its crushing treatment It is also feasible to choose a counterattack crusher. The working principle and purchase of the phyllite counterattack crusher are described in detail below.

1. Working principle

After entering the machine body, the phyllite hits the high-speed rotating hammer head, and is hit head-on by the hammer head. The large pieces of material are immediately broken, and the fragments fly to the counterattack plate at high speed for a second collision and crushing , The rebound material and the subsequent flying material collide and crush each other to achieve the final crushing purpose. During the crushing process, the number of phyllite blows increases, and the corresponding hard extrusion friction reduces the loss of the hammer head and extends the use time of the equipment. During the crushing process, the phyllite first fractures along the joint surface to facilitate the separation of useful minerals. The crushing effect is significant, the product size is uniform, and the phenomenon of over-crushing is less. The working principle is scientific.

2. Attention to purchase

For the purchase of Qianfeiyan impact crusher, one is to pay attention to the choice of the manufacturer, and the other is to choose the equipment. When choosing the manufacturer, you should Choosing a powerful manufacturer like Henan Gold Mine Machine is not only strong, but also has a wide customer market and good reputation. Choosing the crushing equipment of this type of manufacturer not only guarantees the quality of the equipment, but also has high service quality, which can save users from possible occurrences in the production process. When choosing a phyllite impact crusher equipment, you should pay attention to whether its technology is advanced, whether the material is wear-resistant, whether the major components are durable, and whether the welding process is qualified. These can further verify the quality of the equipment and help users A good investment.

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