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Tips for straightening the main shaft of hammer crusher



2020-10-07 21:57:54 1154

As the hammer crusher has been used for a long time, the rotor spindle of the hammer crusher may be deformed due to various reasons, which affects the normal operation of the hammer crusher. Some hammer crusher users may change to a new one, which naturally increases In order to help you save money, we will show you how to straighten the main shaft of the hammer crusher.

1 Do not apply too strong straightening force to prevent the spindle from cracking at the hidden danger of cracks.
2 When the amount of bending is large, it should be straightened several times.
3 The correction value should appropriately exceed the bending of the shaft. Value to eliminate the impact of the shafts springback deformation after the straightening force is removed
4 When straightening, after adding the straightening force, it should stay for a while, and at the same time use a small plumb hammer on the surface of the shaft along the shaft surface Tap lightly to eliminate internal stress and prevent deformation after straightening
5 During the straightening process, the bending value of the shaft should be continuously measured until it meets the standard. That is, when the shaft is 200,300 , The bending value should not exceed 0.06mm, and the straightened shaft should not exceed 0.10.15mm.
Because the main journal of the hammer crusher is large, heating is difficult and the heating time is long, and the temperature is not easy to control Uniformity, so if you do not master the tips, it is not easy to correct the spindle of the hammer crusher. You must pay attention to the points mentioned above when straightening the spindle of the hammer crusher. It will help you quickly achieve the effect of correcting the spindle of the hammer crusher