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Type of impact crusher hammer material



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The impact crusher is widely used in building materials, railways, highways, cement, mining and chemical industries to crush materials. It is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the materials enter the hammer action area, they will interact with the rotor. The upper plate hammer hits and breaks, and then is thrown to the counterattack device to break again, and then rebound from the counterattack liner back to the striker area to break again.

Gold Mine Impact Crusher

It can be seen that the blower is an extremely easy to wear part, so the blower must use good materials to reduce wear and improve work efficiency. Then, this article will introduce the impact crusher The type of blow hammer material.

Detailed introduction of the blow hammer material type of impact crusher

1New material ZG40Cr3Si2Mn2MoV steel plate

New material ZG40Cr3Si2Mn2MoV steel plate hammer It is safe and reliable, and its wear resistance is 2.25 times higher than ZGMn13. The use of new material plate hammers reduces downtime, improves equipment operation rate, increases impact crusher output, and reduces material costs per ton. ZG40Cr3Si2Mn2MoV steel is a kind of good comprehensive performance, safe and reliable New wear-resistant material.

Impact crusher plate hammer

2 multi-element high chromium cast iron

reasonable The multi-element high chromium cast iron that has been modified by chemical composition is safe and reliable in the application of impact crusher hammers, and the service life is more than 4 times longer than the use of high manganese steel, which improves the wear resistance of the hammers, which is beneficial The production goes on smoothly. In addition, the main casting process properties such as the fluidity and shrinkage porosity of the multi-element high chromium cast iron are not much different from the ordinary high chromium cast iron with the same carbon content and chromium content.

Gold Mine Impact Crusher Plate Hammer

342CrMo new hammer head

42CrMo new hammer head after quenching and tempering, its microscopic The structure is a uniformly distributed tempered martensite plus bainite structure, which gives the hammer head of this type of material high hardness and toughness. The material has high hardness, and the material is pressed into the surface of the material to have a shallow depth, which is produced by cutting The grinding volume is small, the wear resistance is good, and the toughness is high, indicating that the material can absorb large energy, cracks are not easy to form and expand, and also show good wear resistance. Compared with high manganese steel hammers, they all show very good performance. Wear resistance and mechanical properties make the hammer head stable in the work of the impact crusher and have a long service life.

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The above are the commonly used materials for impact crusher hammers on the market. More advanced, high-yield and wear-resistant materials are beneficial to extend the hammer and the whole machine. The service life saves later maintenance and use costs, so users should carefully consider when purchasing equipment, and go to the manufacturer if conditions permit. On-site inspections, purchase high-quality and high-performance impact crushers, for more information about impact crushers, you can consult Henan Gold Mine for free.