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Use calculation method of impact crusher productivity



2020-08-06 12:57:54 1105

When using the impact crusher, we need to have a good understanding of the impact crusher, so that we will relieve a lot of troubles in the use process. Lets look at the method of calculating the rotor of the impact crusher in detail. We all have a formula, I hope everyone can learn
The productivity of impact crusher is generally calculated according to the following empirical formula
Q, productivity th.
Kl correction factor, generally 0.1
The number of blow bars on the C rotor
h is the height of blow bars, m
a is the distance between blow bars and impact plate, m
d discharge size, m
b hammer width, m
n rotor speed, rmin
8 a loose density of ore, tm3.
The above are some of the calculation aspects in the use of our impact crusher rotor, everyoneYou can learn more, which is very helpful for our countrys economic development and our personal use.