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Choice of Jaw Crusher for Mining Industry in my country



2020-10-22 03:57:54 1128

We all know that the jaw crusher is universal and extensive. Now the development technology of the jaw crusher in China has basically matured. The jaw crusher has naturally become the ideal crushing equipment for mining, and almost most of the ore is needed. Use a jaw crusher for primary crushing. Due to the important position of the jaw crusher during use, the performance of the product directly determines the quality of the entire ore processing.

Development is inseparable from high production, development is inseparable from technology, and development is inseparable from the square jaw crusher. Nowadays, mining machinery and equipment companies are paying more and more attention to the research and development and production of high-yield, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment. For example, mining machinery adopts the design principles of long life, low energy consumption and weight reduction. In actual production, materials with low environmental load are used, and hazardous materials such as Freon chloro rubber resin and asbestos are not used as much as possible. The pollution of waste parts processing is reduced and integrated To optimize the cost, the jaw crusher must consider the issues of simple disposal of scrap parts, low cost and low pollution at the initial stage of the design, and the parts must be disassembled for easy crushing, and can be incinerated or used as fuel recovery.
Our company Combining years of research and development and practical experience, on the basis of field inspections on mining sites, combined with advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, starting from reducing dust pollution, selecting reasonable equipment materials and design concepts, and developing a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly Epo hopes to continue to contribute to the development of Chinas mineral resources.