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We have more than one way to extend the life of the impact crusher



2020-09-21 18:57:54 1106

During the use of the impact crusher, do we all know what is important? Of course it is the rotor. The rotor plays a very important role on the impact crusher and affects the output of our impact crusher. How to do it Well, our rotor problem is a problem we need to pay attention to at present. Lets take a look at the specifics.

To extend the life of the crusher, we need to provide the crusher rotor. Balance. Only by solving the balance of the rotor can the problem of crushed materials be solved more accurately, thereby reducing contact with materials and extending the use time of the crusher. Many manufacturers of crusher manufacturers have low accuracy of rotors. For this reason, We need to weld the rotor to the outside of the rotor body, which can prevent the jitter caused by the jitter during the crushing process. Even if the crusher bearing problem is solved. Because the bearing needs to bear the gravity of the entire crusher and the material, it is also easy to damage. Therefore, what we need to do is to use dual bearings, which can strengthen the bearing capacity of the bearing, and during maintenance, we must regularly add lubricating oil, so that the crusher bearings can last longer.

This is very important to us. If the rotor of our impact crusher is used and maintained, it can also improve our impact crusher. The energy of the crusher can finally realize our dream of counterattack crusher. More exciting content can be found at