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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the crushing effect of the two-stage grinder



2021-01-25 21:57:55 1317

The two-stage crusher is a special impact crusher that can be used for crushing materials such as high-humidity coal gangue, shale, cinder, etc., and the production of standard brick hollow bricks with sand and gravel aggregates processed from these raw materials is already a Measures to benefit the country and the people. Many users are curious about the smashing effect of the two-stage machine, and want to know how its smashing effect has the advantages and disadvantages. Lets take a look at it together.

Introduction to the two-stage crusher

The two-stage crusher has two sets of rotors, which are equivalent to two hammers broken into one. After feeding from the inlet, the material crushed by the upper rotor is immediately It will collide with the hammer head of the rapidly rotating lower-level rotor and be finely broken again. The materials in the inner cavity will quickly collide with each other and crush each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and material powder, which are directly discharged. This equipment overcomes the large moisture content of raw materials It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency and good crushing effect. It is widely used in crushing raw materials such as slag, slag, coal gangue, etc., and the moisture content is not limited. It is an ideal crushing equipment.

How is the crushing effect of the two-stage crusher?

The two-stage crusher uses upper and lower two-stage rotors to crush, and the processing particle size is more uniform and the particle size is finer , Can be controlled below 2mm, it is an ideal model for the crushing and recycling of waste slag and waste bricks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two-stage crusher


1 The two-stage large rotor structure design in series with each other, the granularity of the crushing and discharging can be adjusted.

2 The machine has no screen grate bottom, right There is no strict requirement for the moisture content of the material, so there is no problem of clogging the sieve plate, and there is no problem of fine powder that can not be discharged in time, over smashing, and high smashing efficiency.

3Special displacement adjustment gap The composite wear-resistant hammer head does not need to be repaired after it is worn out, and the moving position is used repeatedly. One set of hammer heads can be used against three sets of hammer heads.

4 Easy maintenance, the hammer head can be replaced by opening the inspection door. There is no need for disassembly and assembly of the whole machine, which is very convenient.

5 The hydraulic manual start cabinet can be opened and closed easily by only one person. It is not only lightweight, fast, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.

Disadvantages cannot crush large stones. The two-stage crusher is suitable for crushing stones with a raw material particle size of 200mm.

The two-stage crusher has many advantages. It adopts advanced manufacturing technology and reasonable design. During use, it saves electricity and has low wear and tear. It is often used for the crushing of a variety of mineral equipment. Various characteristics make the sales of the two-stage grinder in the market better.

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