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What are the advantages of copper ore crusher for crushing copper ore



2020-11-30 18:57:54 1168

Copper ore is generally composed of copper sulfides or oxides and other minerals, which react with sulfuric acid to form blue-green copper sulfate. Copper ore is more expensive than silver ore and is cheaper. For this reason, the processing of copper ore It is very common. Copper ore crusher is designated as a dedicated equipment for copper ore materials, and it is also one of the more suitable crushing equipment. Lets take a look at the advantages of copper ore crusher for crushing copper ore.

1. Simple and simple operation of the crushing process

When crushing copper ore, the operation method is very simple. In the copper mine When the stone crusher is just started, you only need to pay attention to the feeding system. The copper ore crusher is a computer automatic control system used in many equipment, and only needs to control the operation button during work. The operation is very simple and easy to understand, and advanced technology The system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment, which also reflects the advantages of the copper ore crusher in crushing copper ore.

2. The automatic discharge of foreign matter has zero chance of copper ore blockage
< When the copper ore crusher is crushing copper ore materials, it can automatically distinguish the nature of non-crushed copper ore. When the crushed copper ore materials contain iron, they will be automatically discharged without stopping for inspection. Because copper ore is crushed The discharge port of the machine is automatically controlled by hydraulic lifting. When foreign objects such as iron blocks pass through, the power and hydraulic pressure value rises sharply, and its automatic protection function will immediately enlarge the discharge port to protect the equipment. In addition, the copper ore crusher is installed. It is equipped with a safety device and an acoustic sensor to prevent the clogging of foreign objects from causing the copper ore to be blocked in the discharge port.

3. Low energy consumption and uniform size of the copper ore
< The components of the copper ore crusher are reasonable, and there is enough crushing space in the crushing cavity, so that the copper ore material can be processed and crushed multiple times in the cavity, so that the product is of better quality and the particle size is equal. In the production and manufacturing of the ore crusher, it is produced in strict accordance with the national copper ore crushing machinery index, without any defects, and the frame layers are made of main wear-resistant parts, which improves the utilization rate of the frame and reduces the machinery The advantages of load rate and low energy consumption.