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What are the basic operation methods of heavy hammer crusher



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The heavy hammer crusher is an indispensable equipment in sand making and crushing production. It has the advantages of large crushing particle size, high efficiency, and can be formed by one hammer without secondary crushing. It is very popular in the market by users. What I will introduce to you is the basic operation method of heavy hammer crushing.

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Why introduce for everyone These contents are designed to allow users to operate the equipment more easily, improve the efficiency of the equipment, and bring higher benefits to users. Lets take a look at it.

Before launching Preparations

1 The main parts of the heavy hammer crusher, such as the hammer crusher, check the door and whether the fastening bolts are intact or loose.

2 Carefully check the auxiliary equipment such as feed Whether the coupling, motor and other equipment of the material equipment are in good condition.

3 Whether there is debris in the crushing cavity If there are lumps or metal objects found in the crushing cavity, they should be removed and the amount of lubricating oil checked.

4 After completing the above work, send out the start-up signal, and obtain the consent of the next step before starting the machine.

Heavy hammer crusher model Variety of numbers

Two precautions for starting operation

1 After the above preparations are made, the crusher and motor can be started, and the current should be controlled.

2 After the hammer crusher is operating normally, you can start the feeding equipment to feed the material to the crusher, and adjust the feeding of the feeder according to the size of the material block and the operation of the crusher If the material block is large and there are more materials in the crusher, the feeding amount should be appropriately reduced. On the contrary, the feeding amount can be increased. Generally, the height of the material in the crushing cavity should not exceed 23 of the height of the crushing cavity.

Side of the heavy hammer crusher

3 During operation, attention must be paid to uniform feeding, which is conducive to the increase of crushing output. At the same time, the size of the material should not be too large. Keep it below 120mm, so that it will not cause the hammer to stall.

4 The material process must prevent sharp metal objects from entering the crushing cavity to avoid damage to the hammer and grate.

5 The equipment should be inspected during the operation. If the following conditions are found, the work should be stopped immediately (1) the bearing temperature is higher than 70 (2) abnormal sound is found.

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Three Precautions for Stopping

It must be stopped according to the production process, that is, stop feeding first, and then stop after all materials are crushed The work of the crusher. After the shutdown, the work of cleaning and inspecting all parts of the machine must be done, and the equipment production records must be carefully made.