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What are the plans of the river pebble production line and how to save money



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As a kind of natural stone, river pebbles have very rich reserves. After crushing and processing, they can be used in many fields. The profit margin is large. It is also the high profit that attracts a large number of users to invest in the project, but the texture of river pebbles is very hard. The crushing of the general crusher will cause a large degree of wear and tear on the equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment, and form a large operating cost such as maintenance and overhaul. Then what machine is used for river pebble crushing and what are the complete river pebble production line configuration plans? How to configure to be more economical and money-saving, Henan Gold Mine will reveal to you one by one.

The texture of river pebbles is hard and has high wear resistance, and can be used as high-quality sandstone bone after crushing. Materials

A collection of plans for the river pebble production line

According to the different production processes, the river pebble production line is roughly divided into a river pebble crushing production line and a river pebble sand making production line, according to the users output The requirements for daily operation time are different, the specifications of the finished product, the pre-investment cost, etc., and the specific configuration schemes are very different, but usually include the following equipment

River Pebble Crushing Equipment Jaw Crusher

Unprocessed river pebbles generally have different specifications, and are mixed with many large block river pebbles. It needs to be crushed by a jaw crusher first, and coarsely crushed into small pebbles of uniform particle size. The final particle size is generally 2030mm3040mm4050mm.

Gold Mine Jaw Crusher has a large feed caliber, puts large river pebbles into it, and produces uniform pebbles.

Conical crushing equipment for river pebbles Machine

If you need to get a smaller particle size of river pebbles, you can use a cone crusher to crush the stone a second time. The cone crusher is good at crushing high hardness materials, and the special crushing cavity design is better. The impact angle of the material in the crushing cavity makes the crushing process not only small in wear, but also high in efficiency and large in productivity. The finished product size is 510mm1020mm.

The constant cavity design of the Gold Mine Cone Crusher, special Born for hard rocks such as river pebbles, high output, low loss

HVI sand making machine for river pebble sand making equipment

If you need to break river pebble into machine-made sand, users are recommended The highly welcome new HVI sand making machine, with a new impeller design, effectively increases throughput, high output and multiple crushing methods to meet the diverse needs of users.

Gold Mine HVI sand making machine is high-yield, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, ideal equipment for river pebble sand making

Auxiliary equipment for river pebble production line

Auxiliary equipment in river pebble production line usually has feeder vibrating screen Conveyor sand washing machine centralized electric control, etc.

The river pebble crushing and sand making production line is equipped with reasonable operation and high yield.

The river pebble production line is configured like this Save more money

Different users demand for production capacity of finished pellets The requirements such as degree are different, the applicable production line is naturally different, and the price will also be very different. For example, user A only needs to coarsely crush the river pebbles and has a small output requirement, a jaw crusher plus auxiliary The equipment can meet the needs of production. User B needs to produce river pebble sand and has a large demand for production capacity, so it needs multiple jaw crushers and cone crusher sand making auxiliary equipment to meet the needs of users. In contrast, The scale of A is smaller than B, and the investment cost is naturally lower than B. Therefore, it is irresponsible to quote blindly without knowing the actual production needs of users.Users interested in the configuration and quotation of the river pebble production line can consult the specific manufacturer. Henan Gold Mine recommends that users start with the following points and choose an economical and reliable river pebble production line.

The river pebble crushing and sand making production line configured by Gold Mine for users. Video

1. The production line configuration must be able to meet the production needs, and the premise of saving money is appropriate. Consult senior technical personnel from strong manufacturers, rationally design the production line, avoid waste of capacity, give full play to the value of equipment, and make the best use of it Use.

2. Large direct-sale manufacturers in second-tier cities such as Henan sell equipment at the ex-factory price. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the equipment, the price is affordable, and users can prefer these areas when purchasing equipment.

Henan Gold Mine, a strong direct-selling manufacturer, has reliable quality equipment and perfect after-sales service. Fair quotation.

Investment is for better returns. The configuration of a river pebble production line is not for users. A small amount, so you should be more cautious when choosing equipment. If you are interested in the river pebble crushing and sand production line, but you do not have the ideal equipment from the ideal manufacturer, you can come to Henan Gold Mine to have a look. Henan Gold Mine has strong strength and good after-sales service and affordable prices You will be satisfied.

Users have purchased a complete set of river pebble sand making equipment at Gold Mine and are being shipped out.

Henan Gold Mine is located in Henan Zhengzhou City, Province, has been engaged in the production of crushing equipment for more than 40 years. It has strong technical strength and rich experience. It has customers at home and abroad and has a good reputation. The Henan model adopts a self-produced and self-sold model and sells equipment directly to consumers at factory prices. The quality of the equipment is reliable and cost-effective. The price is affordable. Users who are interested in the river pebble production line, or have any other questions, can consult Henan Gold Mine for free, and there will be professional and technical personnel to help you with the selection and quotation.