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What are the procedures required to produce stones without mining and simply processing gravel?



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At present, there is still a large demand for stones in the market. Many users have seen business opportunities and are engaged in stone production. However, if you want to open a stone factory, you need to go through certain procedures. Many users ask what procedures are needed to produce stones without mining and simply processing gravel , Do you make money, etc., this article will briefly explain for everyone.

Single processing sand and gravel production site

No mining, only processing broken What are the procedures required for stone production?

There are two sources of raw materials for processing and producing stones. One is that the user mines the stone by himself and then processes it after the mining. This production method has relatively high requirements for the user. Qualified for mining, but also qualified for processing. And what we have to solve today is the second source of raw materials, not mining, but directly purchasing raw materials to process and produce stones, then what procedures are required to produce stones without mining and simply processing crushed stones? br/>

Establishing sand and gravel production procedures

This kind of production procedure is simpler than the first one. It only needs the following steps Its okay

1 The application name of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau

is divided into individuals and enterprises. If it is an individual, you need to bring an ID card to apply for the name pre-approval notice. If it is an enterprise, You need to get the information form from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and you need to hold the signature of the shareholder of the company.

2 The environmental supervision department detects

The sand and gravel field will have environmental supervision before production. This step is very important in the evaluation link of the bureau, which is what we often call the environmental assessment.

3 The safety management department approves

The production safety of the stone factory is very important. The hidden safety hazards should be investigated according to the production environment.

4 Business license for industry and commerce

The name approved by the industry and commerce department, the company submits the name, headquarters, address, business scope, business period, business method, amount of capital, person in charge Wait for relevant materials, and obtain a business license. The business license is a proof of legal production. Without a business license, no business is allowed.

5 Taxation Bureau for Tax Registration Certificate

No matter it is Individuals and companies have the obligation to pay taxes. After the company is registered, it is necessary to report for taxation, provide an accountants name, telephone number, ID number and other information, and the accountant must keep monthly accounts and declare taxes to the tax authority.

Dont you make money by mining and processing gravel to produce stones?

Due to the development and implementation of various construction projects in China, the demand for stones as basic raw materials has increased greatly. Therefore, the price of stones has always been on the rise, and based on the current development trend of the construction industry, the prospects for producing stones are broad. It is profitable to produce stones without mining and processing gravel. According to the scale of the gravel processing plant, every month Earnings ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions, as long as the procedures are complete, you can rest assured to open a gravel production plant.

Where to go. Buying crushed stone production equipment

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