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What else do we need to do to reduce the weight of the jaw crusher



2020-09-09 21:57:54 1148

Many crushers do not know how to reduce weight when we use them, and we feel that there is nothing to reduce. Looking at the large equipment, we need to do weight reduction work for various types of crushers such as jaw crushers. Yes, doing this work is of great benefit to users and manufacturers. In the process of use, we try to make our jaw crusher to reduce the weight. A simple reason, our transportation is also a lot more convenient.

The jaw crusher frame accounts for a large proportion of the total machine quality (casting frame accounts for 50%, welding frame accounts for 30%). Foreign jaw crushers are all welded The frame and even the movable jaw also adopt a welded structure. The use of welded frames for jaw crushers is the development direction. There are many examples of unreasonable domestic jaw crusher frame structure designs, and the reason is that they did not follow the actual force of the crusher. Arrange stiffeners. The design of the movable jaw structure should also be based on the force of the movable jaw, and the mass should be reduced as much as possible under the condition of meeting the requirements of strength and rigidity. In addition, the finite element study of the movable jaw of the frame should be strengthened, and the finite element of the movable jaw of the frame should be strengthened. Optimized design to achieve light weight and high reliability of the movable jaw of the frame.

From the above we can see that our jaw crusher is actually still in our country. There are many things that can be reduced, and there are many benefits to doing this. Whether we use it or other aspects, we have our own set of ideas. As long as we follow our methods, then in the end I believe that our jaw The crusher will definitely be able to accomplish our own goals, more information can be found at