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What equipment does the stone material factory need? Which manufacturer produces the best equipment?



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Due to the gradual shortage of natural sand and gravel and the insufficient supply of stone in the market, artificial stone plants have become a popular investment project today, and the profit margins are very objective. In addition to the rapid development of various provinces and cities, such as transportation and construction industries, machine-made sand is inseparable For the supply of sand and gravel, then invest in the establishment of a stone factory, which manufacturers equipment is good?

Stone factory production line equipment configuration

What are the equipment needed to start a stone plant?

According to the size of the raw materials and the requirements of the discharge specifications, the equipment of the stone plant includes a coarse crusher, a sand making machine and some auxiliary equipment (feeder vibrating screen sand washing For coarse crushing, jaw crusher, hammer crushing, and other fine crushing can be configured. Cone crusher can be configured for counter-attack crushing. Sand making equipment can be equipped with corresponding sand making equipment such as impact sand making machine, mobile sand making machine, etc. The following is for these equipments Let me introduce you in detail.

Highly praised equipment recommendation by users of stone factory

Gold Mine produces a variety of crushing sand making equipment

Recommend a crushing equipment

1 The jaw crusher does not pick up materials and is very adaptable to the environment.

The jaw crusher is specially used to process large stones. There are many types of equipment. According to the crushing needs of different users, different types of crushers can be selected for production to complete the crushing tasks of different users. It has a simple and reasonable structure, reliable work, convenient maintenance, large feed size and high output. The crushing effect is good.

3The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing, and the discharge particle size is good.

The impact crusher is mostly used for fine crushing of low-hardness or brittle materials. It can process materials with a particle size of 100500mm or less. It has the advantages of large crushing rate and good cubic shape. The production capacity can be as high as 750th, and the cost performance is very high.

4 Hammer crushing The machine stone material can be crushed and formed at one time

hammer crushing can make the stone material formed at one time, which can reduce energy consumption and cost for users. There are many types and models, including ordinary hammer crushing with small output and heavy hammer crushing with large output. In order to meet the needs of different users. The heavy hammer breaker inherits the advantages of small hammer breaking and one breaking forming, simplifies the crushing process, covering two links of coarse and fine crushing, and has higher crushing efficiency. It is an upgraded version of ordinary small hammer breaking, after the upgrade The output can be as high as 800th.

2 Cone crushers have different types and different functions.

Cone crushers are a kind of two used to crush high hardness materials. The secondary crushing equipment adopts the principle of layered crushing, with high material utilization, uniform particle size, good quality, and productivity up to 725th. Moreover, the equipment has been continuously upgraded and improved, from ordinary spring cone crushers to composite cone crushers to multi-cylinder hydraulic Cone crusher, and to the current single-cylinder cone crusher integrating intelligence into one, its crushing system has also been upgraded.

Crushing equipment. Each has its own advantages

Recommend two sand making equipment

5Impact sand making machine has the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding, and the finished grain shape is good.

The impact sand making machine uses the principle of stone-to-stone, and has the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding. The products produced are mostly cubes with smaller particle sizes. They cannot be surpassed by various types of crushing equipment such as jaw crushers and cone crushers. An important position in fine crushing sand making. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high crushing rate, low wear, low operating cost, energy saving, low noise and less dust pollution.

6 One mobile crushing sand making machine The machine can top a stone production line

Some people are pursuing economical benefits, and naturally others are pursuing intelligent and advanced. The mobile crushing sand making machine is different from the above equipment. It adopts a self-driven method and can realize any transition intelligence. A new type of sand making equipment that controls unmanned operations and environmentally friendly production. There are currently two series of tires and crawlers. One mobile device is a fluid sand aggregate production line. Various links such as material crushing, sand making, screening and conveying are more scientific and intelligent. Single or multi-machine combined operation can be selected, and the moving speed is fast, without fear of potholes.

The mobile sand making machine can be flexibly configured.

The above introduced six common stone factory production equipment, and the user has a relatively large choice of space, so the user is buying equipment You should make a reasonable choice according to the nature of the material and the production needs, because only the equipment that is suitable for your own needs can better play its due production effect and make a profit and increase income for the stone factory.

The process of handling formalities for a stone factory is indispensable.

If you want to start a stone factory, in addition to selecting the right high-quality equipment, the formalities for the preliminary sand production are also indispensable, such as taxation, industrial, environmental protection, safety, etc. The procedures should be all available. The specific process is as follows

The industry and commerce department examines the name

The Bureau of Land and Resources issues a mining license

Security Administration Approval process

Environmental protection agency issued an EIA certificate

Business license procedures handled by the industrial and commercial department

Tax registration certificate issued by the taxation department

Stone factory handling process

Which manufacturer produces the best equipment

When choosing equipment manufacturers, investors should try their best to choose large manufacturers. The types of equipment are more complete, the quality is better, and the models are more abundant. Basically, you can choose a full set of stone production equipment at the same company. The preferential strength given by the manufacturer will also be greater. On the contrary, small manufacturers have limited production capacity, insufficient equipment, and poor service. Perfect, such as investment is not very cost-effective.

Gold Mine machine manufacturers can provide comprehensive services and high-quality equipment

When it comes to large manufacturers, you have to recommend Henan Gold Mine machines, the recommended reasons are as follows

Gold Mine machine manufacturers are your favorite choice

Gold Mine machine manufacturers have technology and more on-site factories, which can be independently developed There are no agents for production equipment and direct supply. Quality has always been regarded as life. From technology research and development to production to delivery, there are quality inspectors to check the quality of the crushing equipment produced, and Gold Mine also provides users with EPC projects. The total package service, so the majority of investment users can buy with confidence. If you need this aspect, you can click on the online consultation to understand, if your time permits, you are also welcome to visit the factory in person.