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What equipment is good for sand making? How much is the full set of sand making and washing equipment?



2021-01-15 12:57:55 1183

With the continuous development of urbanization and rural infrastructure construction in recent years, the supply of natural sand has become increasingly tight, and it is obvious that it has been unable to meet the normal construction needs. The emergence of machine-made sand has gradually solved the problem of insufficient production of construction sand, which has also made the mechanism Sand equipment has gradually become the main force in the investment market. Compared with natural sand, machine-made sand has the following advantages

machine-made sand has good quality and high market demand

Many advantages of machine-made sand

1 No longer affected by the shortage of resources, the raw materials are diverse. Compared with the unity of natural sand resources, machine-made sand is more diverse in the choice of raw materials, river pebble quartz stone Granite and even construction waste can be used as machine-made sand through equipment processing and production.

2 Reduce over-exploitation of natural sand and protect the environment. The successful use of machine-made sand in various fields proves that it replaces natural sand. The feasibility of sand, so that people are no longer obsessed with natural sand, and choose more easily available machine-made sand.

3 Reduce costs and control quality. Compared with purchasing natural sand, machine-made sand The price is cheaper, which can effectively reduce the investment in production, and the grain type and particle size of machine-made sand can be controlled by adjusting the equipment, which has the characteristics of adjustable and controllable.

What equipment is used for sand making? Good

As machine-made sand becomes the mainstream of the market, sand making machine is the core equipment for producing artificial machine-made sand, and its quality directly affects the economic benefits of sand production. Then in sand making What kind of equipment is better for production? As a large-scale mining machinery manufacturer, Gold Mine Machine is a simple analysis of several sand making machines produced by our company.

HX series sand making machines

HX series sand making machine is also called impact crusher. It adopts grease lubrication and has an older model, but it has many years of application experience for reference, and its operation is safe and reliable.

HX sand making machine runs reliably

VSI series sand making machine

VSI series sand making machine is a new type of system improved by our company introducing advanced technology from Germany. The sand machine adopts thin oil lubrication, which can realize automatic lubrication and maintenance of the equipment, and its deep cavity rotor design has a larger throughput.

VSI sand making machine has a large throughput rate.

HVI series sand making machine

HVI series sand making machine is also a new generation of sand making equipment, except for the same thin oil lubrication and deep cavity rotor design as the VSI series , It also designed a better material impact angle in the crushing chamber, so that the wearing parts are not easy to consume, and reduce the equipment investment cost.

HVI sand making machine has high crushing efficiency

Vehicle-mounted mobile sand making machine

Vehicle-mounted mobile sand making machine is currently a popular type of mobile sand making production equipment, mainly used to handle some inconvenient moving and transporting materials ,car Load integrated design, with a relatively high degree of automation, saving time and effort.

Quality intelligent manufacturing and reliable performance

A complete set of sand making and sand washing equipment is about How much is it?

The complete set of sand making equipment mainly includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, counterattack sand making machine, vibrating screen sand washing machine, and the price is basically 303 million. Depending on the material and output, it is also You must choose the corresponding equipment model before you can give a targeted quotation.

As an established manufacturer with more than 40 years of production experience, Gold Mine provides one-stop pre-sales, mid- and late-stage services, according to users The actual production scale and site conditions have designed an equipment configuration plan that not only meets the users production requirements, but also reduces costs. Welcome to consult the configuration plan online to learn about the detailed models, and you can visit the factory at any time.

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