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What is the full charm of the jaw crushing mobile jaw and tooth plate



2020-09-28 21:57:54 1120

Everyone knows that there is a component on the jaw crusher called the movable jaw and the tooth plate. This is very important to us. It can be said that they play a decisive role in the production of our jaw crusher, so we use At that time, we must be more determined to do this work. For the design, we will look at the following content

The movable jaw and the tooth plate are used as the jaw crusher. The main parts and components play a very important role in actual operations. The movable jaw is a component that supports the tooth plate and directly participates in crushing the ore. It requires sufficient strength and rigidity, and its structure should be strong and durable. The movable jaw generally adopts a casting structure. In order to reduce the weight of the movable jaw, the welding structure is adopted in foreign countries. Due to its complex structure, the welding process requirements are high. There is no movable jaw using a welded structure in China.

This is very important for us. During our use, we must first understand these things, and then finally make us better understand our jaw crusher, and only in this way can we better grasp our jaw crusher With the moving jaw and tooth plate of the machine, our jaw crusher can develop more rapidly. For more information, please visit