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What is the price of a 1,000-ton stone-breaking machine per day?



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The development and construction of cities are inseparable from the help of sand and gravel aggregates. In recent years, the rapid development of China has led to the steadily increasing demand for sand and gravel aggregates in the market. The price of sand and gravel has also increased exponentially, and high profits attract a large number of Users purchase stone-breaking machines to invest in the sand and gravel crushing industry. Among them, the 1,000-ton daily-output stone-breaking machine is particularly popular with users. The following Gold Mine manufacturers will briefly introduce the specific price of the 1,000-ton daily-output stone-breaking machine to help users and friends in the sand The stone industry is like a fish in water.

Stone crushing production lines have been established in various places.

A collection of stone-breaking machines with a daily output of 1,000 tons

There are many stone-blasting machines on the market. According to whether the equipment is movable, it is divided into fixed stone-blasting machines and mobile stone-blasting machines. According to the crushing effect of the equipment, it can be divided into coarse crushing, medium-fine crushing and sand-making and stone-blasting machines. Each type of stone-blasting machine has its own superior performance and scope of application, and users can choose reasonably according to their own needs.

If a sand and gravel factory works for ten hours a day, the daily output of 1,000 tons is 100 tons per hour. It belongs to small and medium-sized stone-blasting equipment. Each type of stone-blasting machine has a corresponding model to meet the capacity. Users are faced with many choices. The following is a brief introduction to the specific 1,000-ton stone-blasting machine.

1 .Coarse crushing

The coarse crushing machine often used by sand and gravel users is a jaw crusher, which has the characteristics of large feed diameter and large crushing ratio, simple structure, stable operation and strong production capacity. Diameter materials are coarsely crushed. When the maximum capacity is 1590 tons, the recommended model that can meet the daily output of 1,000 tons is the PE600900 jaw crusher HD86 jaw crusher.

Coarse stone crushing jaw crusher

2. Medium and fine crushing

Cone crushers and impact crushers are commonly used for medium and fine crushing of materials after jaw crushers. Among them, the impact crusher is suitable for processing limestone and other materials with medium and medium hardness, and the maximum output can reach 2000 tons per hour.

Impact crusher for fine crushing of stones

The cone crusher is often used to process high-hardness materials such as river pebble granite. The maximum output can reach 2181 tons per hour. The recommended model that can meet the daily output of 1000 tons is PF1214 counterattack 1300 cone crusher.

Cone Crusher for Fine Crushing of Stones

3. Sand Making

Common stone sand making equipment has sand making machines on rollers Type crusher, compound crusher, etc., to meet the daily output of 1,000 tons of sand making equipment, it is recommended that users use 1140 sand making machine.

Sand making machine for fine stone crushing

4. Mobile stone hammer

Mobile stone hammer is the product of the new era , It is equipped with a movable chassis structure, which is more maneuverable and flexible, can realize free transitions, and is more adaptable to various complicated working conditions. The closed production mode and advanced environmental protection devices make the environmental protection advantages of the mobile stone hammer outstanding. The host part of this equipment can be freely matched with a jaw crusher, counterattack hammer crusher, cone crusher sand making machine, etc. according to user needs, and the assembly methods are diversified.

The mobile stone-cutting production line is more mobile, flexible, high-yield and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the commonly used stone-cutting machines include hammer crushers, single-stage crushers, two-stage crushers, etc., all of which meet the requirements of Nissan For the specific model of 1000 tons, if you want to know more about the stone breaker, you can consult the Gold Mine manufacturer for free.

The price of the 1000 tons stone breaker per day

Read here for users It should be understood that there are so many stone hammers on the market, and there are countless stone hammers that can meet the daily output of 1,000 tons. Different types of stone hammers are suitable for different material crushing effects, and the prices are very different. Different users produce The stone hitting machine applicable to the demand is different. It is impossible to select the equipment and the specific quotation when the users processing requirements are unknown. If you want to know the specific price of the 1,000-ton daily stone hitting machine, you can consult the Gold Mine manufacturer for free. br/>

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