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What kind of process is needed for the specific gear lubrication of cone crusher



2020-09-27 21:57:54 1100

During the use of cone crushers, we attach great importance to each component. Everyone knows that the gears of cone crushers are very important. During our use, we must have a Good maintenance, the important thing is the gear we just talked about, the specific process, we will explain to you below, I hope you can understand it in depth

When the temperature drops, the lubricating oil will thicken. When the temperature rises, it will become thinner. Therefore, the equipment needs low-viscosity lubricating oil under low temperature conditions, and heavy oil is required under high temperature conditions to prevent metals and metals. The faster the sliding and rotating speed, the less time it takes to squeeze the lubricant between the gears. At the same time, the lubricant is more likely to agglomerate and thicken under high-speed operation. Therefore, low-speed use high-viscosity (thick Oil), low-viscosity oil (thin oil) for high-speed use.
Load (pressure) high-viscosity oil can resist heavy loads and prevent metal-to-metal collisions. Therefore, light load equipment requires low-viscosity lubrication Oil, high load requires high-viscosity lubricating oil.
I hope that all of us will pay attention to these when using cone crushers, so that our cone crushers can meet our requirements. These are for us Its not difficult. I hope we can do all of this. The specifics depend on the situation. The development of our countrys economy is our goal. For more information about the article, please visit