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What machine is needed for machine sanding and how much money should be invested



2021-01-18 09:57:55 1157

With the large demand for sand in the construction and chemical industry, and the shortage of natural sand, more and more of our sand is made of machines, so which machines are needed for machine sanding? How much does it cost to invest? Let me explain to everyone

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What are the machines needed for sand making and how much money you need to invest?

The machine we need to use for sanding is a feeder, a jaw crusher, a conveyor belt, an impact crusher, or a cone crushing machine-made sand machine, vibrating screen, etc.

1First The step feeder conveys the materials uniformly and continuously to the coarse crushing equipment, and plays an auxiliary role in the sanding process. The market price range is about 2.2 million yuan.

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2 The second step of jaw crusher coarse crushing equipment, which is used for primary crushing of materials, has a wide range of applications and can be used for materials with different hardness such as pebbles, bluestones, granites, and river pebbles. , The market price range is 21.6 million yuan.

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3 The third step of impact crusher or cone crusher The machine crushes the coarsely crushed materials in secondary crushing, commonly known as fine crushing. The impact crusher is suitable for materials with softer hardness such as limestone and bluestone. The market price is 8.8 million yuan. The cone crusher is suitable for materials with higher hardness. Such as cobblestone, granite, etc., the market price is 152.2 million yuan.

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4 The fourth step of sand making The machine crushes the materials after the secondary crushing, which is also a very important step in the sand making process. At present, there are three popular sand making machines on the market. They are HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, and HX straight-through impact sand making machine. The prices of these three sand making machines are different. The market price is about 61.5 million yuan. Due to different equipment and different models, we cannot give you specific numbers. The specific price needs to be determined according to the model of the equipment you choose, if necessary , Please consult customer service free of charge and give you a specific quotation.

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5 Step 5 Vibrating screen The crushed materials are screened, and the powdery granular materials are screened and classified, and discharged from their respective outlets. They play an auxiliary role in the production process. The market price is about 3.3 million yuan.

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The complete set of equipment required for machine sanding will cost about 153 million yuan. The specific equipment model needs to be determined according to your investment and expected actual production capacity , Choosing equipment that meets your own production needs will enable you to have good profits in the later period.

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