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What size is the size of the 24 stones? What machine is needed to crush the 24 stones?



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Friends in the mining industry should know that there are several types of stone particles, usually 5mm as the limit, stones smaller than 5mm are called sand, and stones larger than 5mm are called stones. We often say that 24 stones are in the end What is the size of the stone, and what kind of crushing machine is used to produce this kind of 24 stones? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction.

24 stones represent crushed stones with a particle size of 1015mm. This type of stone There are many fields that can be applied, such as building houses, road construction, concrete aggregates, etc.

Machines needed to produce 24 stones

Crushing to produce 24 stones requires With medium crushing equipment, if the raw material is too large, a jaw crusher must be used for rough crushing, and the large pieces of material are first crushed into small pieces, and then crushed by the medium crushing equipment into the specifications required for production. Crushing production 24 stones In addition to the jaw crusher to be used for rough crushing of the material, it is also necessary to use the medium crushing equipment. The common medium crushing equipment includes the impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher. The performance and production capacity of these crushers And the effects are as follows

jaw crusher

jaw crusher is an early crushing equipment in the industry, with simple structure, safe and reliable production, and can be used to crush compressive strength In the 147,245MPa large ore and rock, the production capacity of a single device is 11000th.

Jaw crusher

Impact crusher

The impact crusher is an impact crusher manufactured by integrating advanced production technologies at home and abroad. The processed stones are cubic and beautiful in grain shape, and are widely used in the crushing of various medium-hard ore Road construction chemical industry and other industries, the production capacity is 1800th.

Impact crusher

Cone crusher

The cone crusher adopts the lamination crushing principle, which can crush materials with relatively high hardness. At present, there are single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers Simmons cone crushers. The output is high, and the hourly output of a single machine can reach 2181 tons.

Cone crusher

Hammer crusher

Same as the impact crusher, the hammer crusher can crush and produce stones at one time, and the single machine can replace the jaw crusher and the impact crusher. The crushing production cost is lower, and the single machine output can reach up to 3000th.

Hammer Crusher

In addition to the above several common crushing machines, several crushers such as roller crushers, fine crushers, compound crushers, etc. can also be used The production of 24 stones is only relatively small.

The price of the machine for producing 24 stones

There are many kinds of machines that can produce 24 stones. According to different output, a machine has more than ten or even dozens of models, and each model has its own pricing. In addition, it can also be equipped with a movable frame to configure a mobile crushing station, and the price is also higher than that of a single machine. Slightly higher. In short, if you want to know the 24 stone crusher, you still have to go to a professional manufacturer to consult an accurate quotation.

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