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What to do if the parts of the hammer crusher are deformed



2020-09-25 03:57:54 1107

Now the hammer crusher is becoming more and more flexible with the configuration, and it also hides a small hidden danger, that is, it is easy to cause deformation of some parts of the hammer crusher. If you want to avoid this problem, our work When welding the hammer crusher equipment, personnel should pay attention to some small skills to prevent this from happening.

The relevant staff of the hammer crusher Pay attention to the welding work. Under normal circumstances, increasing the current intensity of welding will increase the deformation of the welding history, and increasing the welding speed will reduce the deformation. Different from the structure with many welds, the welding sequence of the welds The welding direction of each weld has a great influence on the deformation of the entire structure. There are four identical welds on the Gongning welded beam. If their welding sequence is not reasonable, the vertical plane of the I-beam will occur after welding. Convex deformation. The rigid clamping method is to weld the parts under rigid clamping, which can significantly reduce the deformation of the welding history, but this method cannot completely eliminate the deformation because of the elastic deformation generated during the welding process. It must appear after the fixture is disassembled. This method is suitable for welding thin-walled parts and low-carbon steel structures with a thickness of less than 6 mm and materials with better plasticity. It is not suitable for materials such as cast iron and steel with high quenching tendency. Method to reduce deformation, otherwise it will all cause cracks in the welded joints. Formulate reasonable welding procedures, such as the use of rapid high temperature and concentrated heating welding methods, which can reduce deformation. If automatic welding is used, the deformation is smaller than manual welding, and manual electric isolation The deformation of multi-layer welding is smaller than that of single-layer welding. The shorter the interval between layers in multi-layer welding, the more the deformation can be reduced. This depends on the specific technical requirements of the part.

So the welding work of hammer breaking is a meticulous work. If you do it well, it may solve a lot of trouble for your future work. Gold Mine Machine kindly reminds our hammer crusher users to protect the hammer crusher. Some of the parts are not deformed. It is recommended to formulate a detailed regular maintenance plan, so that some small problems can be found in time, and then solved, so that it will not accumulate into major problems, and it will not lead to hammer crushing after a long time. The parts of the machine are deformed or broken