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Which crusher is more suitable for railway ballast



2020-10-06 00:57:54 1152

The ballast required by the railway must have a Mohs hardness of 9.6 or more, the finished particle size is 37 cm, and there are also high requirements for the particle shape, such as the ballast crushed by a finely crushed jaw crusher due to needle flakes. It is often not suitable for crushing ballast. According to experienced engineers, the more suitable crushing equipment for railway ballast is the cone crusher.

From the perspective of the hardness and particle size requirements of the raw stone of the railway ballast, the impact crusher, the hammer crusher, and the impact crusher are not suitable, and only the jaw crusher and the cone crusher are left. The machine is generally used for rough crushing of rough stone. Even if a fine crushing jaw crusher is used, not only the vulnerable parts are damaged quickly, but the jaw plate must be replaced every 20 days, and the content of needle flakes in the crushed particle size is also relatively high.

However, compared with the fine jaw crusher, the service life of the wear parts of the cone crusher has been greatly increased. From the actual case, it is learned that the jaw plate of the cone crusher only needs to be replaced every 6 months. The investment cost of the user is greatly reduced, and the particle size of the cone crusher is solid, the content of needle flakes is less than 5%, and the product qualification rate meets the requirements of the railway bureau. Therefore, the cone crusher has become a railway special ballast crusher. equipment.