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Which kind of sand making machine with an output of 50 tons per hour is good?



2020-12-29 21:57:54 1099

Natural sand resources are on the verge of exhaustion. Excessive mining of sand and gravel has caused serious damage to the ecological environment of the river. The state has issued a series of policies to crack down on illegal sand mining and control the amount of sand mining. Construction sand is facing a huge market gap. When natural sand is in short supply and prices continue to rise Under the general background, machine-made sand has appeared in peoples field of vision, and is widely used in all walks of life due to its low mining cost and good performance. More and more users are aware of this business opportunity and focus on sand making equipment. Small and medium-sized sand and gravel manufacturers call to ask which is the best sand making machine with an output of 50 tons per hour. This article will briefly explain these two issues.

The sand production line configured by Henan Gold Mine for Sanmenxia users

There are many types of sand making machines with an output of 50 tons per hour. There is always one suitable for you.

With the hot sand making industry With development, there are endless sand making equipment on the market, which can be roughly divided into five types. According to the advanced level, they are HVI sand making machine, TK sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, HX sand making machine and mobile sand making machine, with complete models and strong processing capabilities. It can achieve a maximum production capacity of about 600 tons, of which the sand making equipment (50 tons per hour) that is in high demand is as follows

Henan Gold Mine Sand Making Machine Production Workshop

1. HVI0815 impact sand making machine

HVI0815 impact sand making machine is currently a more advanced sand making equipment on the market, which has both sand making and shaping effects , When used for sand making, the output is 70140 tons per hour, the feed size is 30mm, and the motor power is 275KW.

2.HXVSI7611 sand making machine

HXVSI7611 sand making machine can be centered separately The feed can also be combined with the center and waterfall feed, the latter has a higher output. When the full center feeds, the output is 6090th, the maximum feed size is 3035mm, the motor power is 4P110KW, and the dual oil pumps complement each other to ensure oil supply and operation Stable.

3.HX07 straight-through impact sand making machine

The equipment is small in size, easy to operate, easy to install and maintain, with an output of 2555 tons per hour and a feed size of 45mm , Motor power 4P5575KW, impeller speed 45002500 (rmin).

4.HX09 straight-through impact sand making machine

This equipment has an output of 55,100 tons per hour and a feed size of 55mm, Motor power 4P110150KW, impeller speed 12002000 (rmin), full power, strong crushing ability.

5. Mobile sand making machine

Henan Gold Mine customer mobile sand making site

The mobile sand making machine combines the traditional fixed sand making machine with the mobile frame, which is flexible and convenient for moving and more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. One piece of equipment is equivalent to one piece of equipment. Production line, and the host can be rooted According to the needs of users, we can carry out different combinations to meet the diversified production of users.

The above briefly lists several commonly used equipment by users. There are many sand making machines with an hourly output of 50 tons, and there are different types and models of equipment. Different configurations have different performances, and the processing effects achieved are different. Many users have asked, which is the best sand making machine with an hourly output of 50 tons. In fact, you only need to find the right manufacturer. The quality of the equipment is guaranteed. Each equipment has its own characteristics. , There is no good or bad, only suitable or not, so which sand making equipment is good depends on the actual needs of the user.

Select the right equipment for the 50-ton sand making machine. , The price is affordable

Users in Luoyang, Henan have purchased a full set of sand production equipment in Gold Mine

Reading here, users should know that the hourly production is 50 There are many tons of sand making equipment. Choose different models, and the prices vary greatly. However, you pay for the price and the goods. The expensive equipment is naturally expensive. The expensive equipment is not in configuration or performance. Both are better and can create greater value for users, but the high price does not mean that it is suitable. When purchasing equipment, users should still choose reasonably according to their actual conditions to avoid waste of output or substandard. If you have any questions about the selection and price of the 50 tons/hour sand making machine, you can consult Henan Gold Mine for free, and our professional customer service will sincerely serve you.