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Which type of river sand washing machine has high output and cheap price?



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River sand is a non-metallic ore formed in a natural state. After being cleaned by a sand washing machine, it can be used as a raw material for dry mortar, such as thermal insulation mortar, bonding mortar and surface mortar, etc., and can also be widely used in construction, road construction, water conservancy, hydropower, etc. In the industry. So, which kind of river sand washing machine is used for cleaning with high output and low price?

River sand washing machine

Which The river sand washing machine has a high cleaning output.

When it comes to river sand washing machines, most people have the impression of a large water bucket with an atmospheric water wheel, or It is two three water wheels side by side. This is the bucket-type river sand washing machine. Its advantages are as follows

the advantages of wheel type river sand washing machine Prominent

Strong function

Dont you think the river sand wheel sand washer is a silly big one, it is quite powerful, with water-washed sand and fine sand dewatering and recycling functions, and Compared with the traditional sand washing machine, the cleanliness of the washed river sand is improved by several grades.

Long life

The wearing parts of this machine can be used. Special super wear-resistant materials are made by special processing, the failure rate is very low, the maintenance is simple and convenient, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.


Hesha wheel The eye-catching feature of the bucket sand washing machine is that it has an automatic monitoring function. The device for displaying data and alarms is set in advance. If the equipment does not operate normally, it can automatically issue a warning to avoid dangerous production. It is safe to say And it is like.

Cleaning degree

When the wheel sand washing machine is cleaning river sand, the amount of fine sand and stone powder contained in it is small, and the cleaning force is large. The sand is cleaner and the use value is higher.

Which type of river sand washing machine is cheaper

The price of bucket wheel sand washing machine is in the sand washing equipment The more dominant ones are as follows

Inexpensive bucket wheel type river sand washing machine real shots

The cost is dominant

The raw materials used by the river sand wheel bucket sand washing machine are oversupply in the market, the price is cheap, the structure is simple, the process flow is low in complexity, and the manufacturing cost is low. In this way, the cost of the equipment is relatively low, and the quotation is also Not too high.

Supply and demand relationship

Now the manufacturers of sand washing machines on the market are all over the country, and even all over the world. There are too many sand washing machines. There is an oversupply phenomenon, so the price will naturally be lower and more.

Gold Mine manufacturers wheeled sand washing machines are shipped in batches

Competition among manufacturers

As far as Zhengzhou, Henan is concerned, there are no fewer than a hundred manufacturers of sand washing machines. The fierce competition among manufacturers can be imagined. Under this scenario, purchase Hesha Sand washing machine, you wont suffer.

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