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Clues for hammer crushing opportunities



2020-09-05 15:57:54 1136

Users who have used the hammer crusher should have encountered that sometimes the hammer crusher suddenly starts to sway left and right, and at this time, the heart will become nervous. Is there something wrong with the machine, or the machine is broken or even shaking If it is too severe, it will shut down to check the various parts of the hammer crusher. Here are a few clues that cause the hammer crusher to shake.

1 Rotor The weight of other parts on the upper part is unbalanced. At this time, you need to carefully check and adjust the balance. 2 The difference between the weight of the corresponding two sets of hammers is more than 5 grams. The way to exclude is to adjust the weight of the hammers to make the difference between the corresponding two sets of weights less The main shaft is bent and deformed. The solution is to straighten or replace.
3 The bearing clearance exceeds the limit or is damaged. Generally, the problem can be solved by replacing the new bearing.
4 The bottom corner fixed nut is not Fix it tightly or loosen during operation. The solution is to tighten it.
5 The hammer is installed incorrectly in the inspection and assembly. When the hammer is changed and turned around, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance, the hammers in the crusher must be together Change the sides and turn around, otherwise strong vibration will occur during operation.
6 Individual hammers are stuck too tightly and are not thrown away during operation. You can turn them by hand after stopping to observe, and find ways to make the hammers rotate flexibly.