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The coal crusher is what we often call a coal gangue crusher, also called a two-stage crusher. This equipment will not block the crushing cavity or the discharge port when crushing materials with high moisture content and high viscosity, and it is a good solution. In the crushing market, there is a demand for crushing materials with high water content. Below, I will introduce you to the relevant information of the coal crusher, as a reference when you buy.

Gold Mine Two-stage coal crusher

Main function of coal crusher

Coal crusher can be used to crush materials with a hardness less than 150MPa, such as coal, gangue, shale, slag, and slag It is widely used in power, chemical, building materials, metallurgy and other industries. Its maximum feed size is 200mm, and the output size is less than 3mm. It has more obvious advantages when crushing materials with high water content.

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Structural and Performance Characteristics of Coal Crusher

1 Strong adaptability, no sieve plate at the outlet of coal crusher The design of the crushing cavity is reasonable, and it will not be blocked when crushing materials with high water content and high viscosity. It can even be operated outdoors in rainy days.

2 The hammer has a long service life. The hammer of the coal grinder is worn. It can be used at the other end later. One pair of hammer heads are used for three pairs, which reduces the frequency of hammer head replacement and reduces later maintenance costs.

3 Easy maintenance and low cost The upper door of the coal crusher can be free Open, so the equipment is more convenient for maintenance, and the hammer head and hammer handle of the equipment are combined devices. Which part is changed and which is replaced, and the cost of equipment maintenance is low.

Various models of Gold Mine Coal Pulverizer with advanced configuration

Working Principle of Coal Pulverizer

When the coal grinder is running, two hammers in series are driven by the electric motor. In operation, the material enters the crushing cavity evenly from the feed port, and is hit by two hammers in the crushing cavity, and continuously collides and grinds in the crushing cavity to achieve the crushing effect. When the particle size of the material is less than 3mm It is discharged from the discharge port when it is time.

Gold Mine Coal Pulverizer

Coal Pulverizer Model and Technical Parameters


Production capacity

Motor power



















Coal crusher manufacturer

Gold Mine Mine Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer of coal crushers. Its production The coal shredder models are complete to meet your different needs. The equipment produced by our factory has passed the ISO90012000 international quality system certification, which is more secure in quality and performance. Users who are interested in coal shredders can consult for free, Gold Mine Technology The staff will serve you online in real time.