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Coal gangue crusher mobile hammer pulverizer equipment price



2021-01-26 18:57:55 1409

When it comes to coal gangue grinder, the first thing that many people think of is a two-stage grinder, but in fact, hammer grinders are also commonly used in the crushing and sand making operations of coal gangue, coal and cinder. That hammer grinder is used in coal. Are there any noticeable advantages in the gangue crushing operation? I heard that mobile crushers are popular in mines today. Is there a mobile hammer-type pulverizer on the market? How much is it?

Introduction to the hammer crusher of coal gangue crusher

The hammer crusher is a special type of brick factory for crushing coal gangue. The hammer crusher is based on the original hammer A new type of structural equipment improved on the basis of the type crusher. The new type of hammer crusher uses upper and lower two-stage rotors to crush, so that the crushed materials are more uniform and more delicate. The particle size of the discharged materials can reach 3 mm or less, of which 2 mm In terms of investment cost, a drum screen is saved. In addition, the hammer mill is designed without screen bottom and grate net, so for crushing high-humidity materials, it is not a problem. If the blockage occurs, the motor will not be burnt due to the blockage. Even if it is rainy, it can be produced normally.

The scope of application of the hammer mill is widely used in various industries. For the factory, it crushes coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, limestone, construction waste and other materials.

The mobile hammer pulverizer for coal gangue crushing is coming out

The mobile hammer pulverized coal machine is a mobile operation model launched according to the market development needs, after the unremitting efforts and many improvements of the Gold Mine machine manufacturers. The machine integrates the multi-functional mobile of feeding, crushing, conveying, screening, and moving. Crushing equipment. The machine occupies a small area and is easy to install and move. The power can be equipped with a diesel engine and a motor, which solves the problem of not keeping up with the power supply in remote areas. In a true sense, it realizes the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions for mobile operations.

What is the price of the mobile hammer pulverizer?

The price of the mobile hammer pulverizer is higher than that of the fixed hammer mill. However, this cant stop the enthusiasm of customers. For example, the mobile heavy hammer crusher produced by Henan Gold Mine Machinery has long been the most convenient coal crusher sold in the country. For mining customers, buy the mobile with a higher price. Hammer broken, although the initial investment is slightly more, but long-term use, the later use cost is lower, so that the cost is lower than other crushers, and it can also bring customers a steady stream of benefits. This is the mobile hammer powder The value of the coal machine.

As for the equipment price of the Gold Mine mobile hammer pulverizer, here the Gold Mine product manager gives us a range of 303 million, because of the difference The production capacity of the mobile pulverizer needs to be equipped with different types of hammer mills, and if the customers other requirements are different, the corresponding auxiliary equipment for the mobile hammer crusher configuration must be changed accordingly. The quotation is therefore Will fluctuate relatively large, so I want to know the specific mobile hammer powder Quotation of coal machine, you need to consult the manufacturer in detail to obtain