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Coal gangue crushing should choose coal gangue crusher



2020-11-08 03:57:54 1145

Coal gangue is a solid waste discharged in the coal mining process and coal washing process. It is a kind of black-gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal that is associated with the coal seam during the coal formation process. Coal gangue is usually used for crushing coal gangue materials. The crusher, a special crushing equipment, is mainly composed of parts such as the rack rotor liner hammer head. The size of the crushed coal gangue material is uniform and the particles are the same. Below we have its crushing principle and necessary advantages.

Coal gangue crushing process

The gangue is broken due to the impact of the coal gangue material on the crushing plate driven by the high-speed rotating hammer head of the gangue crusher rotor When processing coal gangue, two sets of rotors connected in series are driven by a motor to rotate at a high speed at the same time. The coal gangue material is crushed by the upper rotor in the inner cavity of the machine and is immediately crushed by the hammer head of the fast rotating lower rotor. The coal gangue materials in the inner cavity collide with each other rapidly and crush each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and material powder, forming cinder particles with a discharge particle size of less than 3 mm. This particle size can fully meet the requirements of various industries. Such as bricks and tiles. Manufacturers as the requirements of internal combustion brick making.

Crushing advantages

First of all, coal gangue crusher is a kind of needle coal gangue material for brick factories, coal The new structure crushing equipment developed by the field. The coal gangue crusher is superior to the same specifications in terms of structure, output, fineness, and moisture content of the gangue material. It can be said that the gangue crusher is a new and updated product. Simple. In one point, the crushing principle still relies on the hammer to crush the coal gangue. However, the coal gangue raw material is directly discharged from the discharge port after double crushing in the coal gangue crusher. The fineness after crushing is very fine , And even.

In addition, the coal gangue crusher is designed without screen bottom and grate bars. The gangue material after crushing is discharged more efficiently and the output is higher. The more prominent advantage of no screen bottom is that there is no clogging when coal gangue is crushed, and the requirements for water content of coal gangue and crushing of high-humidity materials are low. Compared with the traditional old-fashioned crushing equipment with grate bottom. Take up all the advantages.